Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Americans keeping the faith

America was founded as a Nation of Godly people.  We acknowledge the Lord in
all the proceedings of our national Congress since the days of our Confederacy.
We appealed to the Supreme Judge in our Declaration of Independence with "a
firm reliance on Divine Providence."

September 11, 1777, a committee was appointed in Congress to appropriate and
pay for the first edition of the Bible ever published in America .  With this gesture
Congress showed their profound veneration for the Holy Scriptures.  It was made
obligatory by the Constitution of the United States on all who are employed in
the administration of national affairs, to take a solemn oath or affirmation.  This
is the most binding sacred appeal that can ever be made by man to the Almighty. 
Praises of the founders and defenders of our Republic should fall gently, like a
soothing rain from heaven, on the millions of eager imbibing minds of children,
from the lips of mothers, and the  millions of dinner tables throughout our

There is one Supreme Head of these United States, one which is never elected,
never a tyrant, and above the laws of the Constitution and the elected President.
The acknowledged ruler of these United States was, is, and ever shall be God. 
Praise God daily.