Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Their is no justification for the usurpation of the 2nd Amendment. No amount of school shootings or police officer killings can justify stealing the rights of 314 million people. Do you realize that the amount of murders by firearms annually represents 0.0035% [35 ten-thousandths] of the population? When judged against the scope and importance of the 2nd Amendment, the numbers bear no significance. And this is why firearm legislation is only ever addressed after some tragedy. Socialists know it is the only way to maintain the illusion of justification.

The 2nd Amendment is clear and unequivocally states that the government shall not infringe the right to own and carry firearms. Foolishly, the Court upheld the first attack on this right and has yet to right this wrong The truth cannot be whitewashed by the Court - the 2nd Amendment does not say the government shall not interfere except in cases where it involves commerce.

As mentioned in his State of the Union address, the President intends to act, as one man against a nation of 314 million. One man will, in his wisdom, continue to strip the rights of an entire nation. The 2nd Amendment is the key to securing all other liberties. The erosion of this right must not only be halted, but the right must be fully restored. The time has come for the People to fulfill the prophecy - of the DHS of being a bunch of pissed off and dangerous citizens - and to demand the immediate full-restoration of the 2nd Amendment. If our demands fall on deaf ears, then we must be willing to answer the call-to-arms and to take back our right. This does not mean we need a armed revolution, but it may mean we need an armed confrontation. After all, the government has no right to interfere with carrying firearms, in any place, time, or manner.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Open Letter to Congress

To my brethren in Congress,

It is time for Congress act upon the People's abhorrence of this diabolical socialist administration which is determined to enslave America in chains forged of tyranny and debt. It is essential to the freedom and security of a free people, that no laws be imposed upon them but by their own consent and their Representatives prove to uphold the public trust. For what liberty have we in that which the government may, by right, take what they please for themselves? The unalienable right of freemen was secured when we expended millions and sacrificed the lives of hundreds of thousands. And yet, to the astonishment of the world, and the grief of Americans, the Government of the United States, the great victor of the cold war against communism, assumed the position as champion of Marx, mi posing socialism on the American people; and insisting on it as a necessary badge of federal supremacy, passed a bill, in the 233rd year of American liberty, imposing a socialist welfare program in such magnitude and scope as to ensure the fiscal death of the nation and the purposeful destruction of capitalism, the mainstay of economic liberty.

This bill, after being unilaterally forced through the Congress, obtained the Presidential assent And thus they who, from time immemorial, have exercised the right of giving to, or withholding from the government, their aids and subsidies, according to their own free will and pleasure, signified by their representatives in Congress, do, by the Act in question, deny us, their brethren, the enjoyment of our unalienable rights. As this denial ,and the execution of that Act, involves our slavery, and would sap the foundation of our freedom, whereby we should become slaves to our brethren and fellow citizens, born to no greater stock of freedom. Accordingly, to increase the temptation to our brethren to submit to socialism, the President repeatedly and unilaterally adjusted the law in violation of the Constitution he is sworn to uphold. Still determined on the scheme to enslave us in socialism, Congress has refused to impeach the President for these usurpation's. The government has decided to make a trial of our virtue. They hope that allied with time, they will succeed in wearing down our opposition, we shall have no property that we can call our own, and then we may bid adieu to American liberty.

Therefore, to prevent the devastation. of locking our own shackles and enslaving ourselves in the contaminants of socialism - we, the People, for our high regard of 1iberty, and unassisted by you, our elected representatives, recognize the failure of our systems checks and balances to quell this pernicious plot. To ensure we transmit to our posterity those blessings of freedom which our ancestors have handed down to us; and to contribute to the support of the common liberties of America, which are currently being subverted, do, for.. those important purposes, we are actively preparing to take up arms, under the name and style of our patriot Founding Fathers, and engage our honor, to and with each other, faithfully to perform whatever duties necessary to create a lasting change in the operation of the People's government.

The men we elect must be of the highest moral character and readily put the People and the Nation above ideology and personal desire for re-election. As a whole, the current Congress has been judged and found lacking. Congress must actively seek to restore the rightful power of the States within this republic. Congress must abolish the income tax for a better system. Congress must bring to just the IRS, NSA, and DOJ and restore privacy to Americans.

Lastly, Congress must accept the truth that the cornerstone of this nation was the firearms that our forefathers carried and the Constitution, free of legal manipulation, forbids the federal government to create any laws regarding firearms. If Congress does not fix this nation after the election of 2014, I for one am willing to take up arms with my fellow citizens to restore this country to the correct the wrongful course which men of politics have put her upon.

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Inevitability of another American Revolution

When humans recognize a severe threat which is potentially damaging - emotionally or physically - they will take one of two courses of action. The first option is to focus on controlling danger by developing solutions to threats through preparedness or protection. The second option is to focus on denial, rationalization, and escapism without any orientation toward developing solutions. In other words, we control danger or we control our fear.

 If we recall the writings of Locke, we undersand that the foundation of America was so that the people of the colonies may form a new society to because preservation of life and property are not enough reason for man to leave his natural state. Men must have liberty above all. Those that seek only to control fear will cherish governmen above all else. They are socialists. All governments with career politicians feed on the socialists because fear unites them and any policy which helps them escape their fears is for them rational. Their minds are child-like when it comes to corrupting it through media and repetition. Government is the nanny that is always there to sooth their fears with a new policy.

 People that seek only true soluions to danger are much less united as problems often present many solutions. Their strength of character is political weakness. As issues wedge between them, the sand of lost liberty fills in the divide. Therefore, every democracy will eventually lead to another revolution as it is the only way to refresh liberty once lost.  Legislation will not turn back years of bad court decisions and corruption.  Only the blood of the tyrants will do.

Christians and Muslims: A Millenium of Evil Exchanges

I am a Christian that tries to avoid religiocentric and ethnocentric thinking. I was reading a wonderful old book and came across some information that appears to be wrong in Wikipedia and definitely never learned correctly by myself.

During the middle ages, a young cook was told his Christian master wanted fresh pork for dinner. Having none and knowing not where to find a pig; the cook, fearing he would lose his head, had a prisoner killed and fed the flesh to his master.

Praising the dinner, but mistrusting the taste, the master asked for the head of the pig to be brought to the table. The cook, sure of his fate, brought the head to the table. Surprisingly, the cook’s master laughed replying “We will not want for pork as long as we have sixty thousand prisoners.” The master was a man history would come to love as a defender of Christianity - a man with a heart of a lion. The man was King Richard. 

Only days later, the commander of the enemy army sent ambassadors beseeching his prisoners not be put to death. The ambassadors were beheaded and added to the banquet table decorations. After ransom talks had stalled the prisoners were executed just outside the east gate of the city. This massacre at Ayyadieh was done in front of the army and Sultan of Egypt - the Saracen named Saladin.

The hero of the Third Crusade executed 60,000 citizens of the city of Acre - men, women, and children.  Saladin was not without guilt having also executed prisoners one of the earliest exchanges of evil between Christianity and Islam.  Christians and Muslims have known that for nearly a thousand years the religious war to end all wars has been brewing.  Many Muslims belief they are called to convert or kill all infidels.

I hope Muslims will remember the massacre of Ayyadieh.  While they may want to convert or kill infidels, Christians may not actively engage in terrorism as a tool of our religion, but we do embrace fully the concept of war and wiping our enemies from the face of the planet.  Hopefully, we can have an accord someday.  Muslims will stop terror attacks and Christians will not be forced to destroy Islam.  All it will take is one dirty nuclear bomb being set off in a Christian city and the whole of Middle East will be reduced to a series of Christian ruled colonies.

Iran may think itself clever in getting help building nuclear reactors for power, but Israel, and the Christian world, will never allow it to develop nuclear weapons.  The west learned with North Korea, that once it happens, politics and power change too much.   Frankly, Israel cannot afford this mistake because Islam is hell bent on its destruction.