Monday, November 17, 2014

The Amnesty Stupid

Most Americans do not see a need for immigration reform or amnesty. Many of us can recall from our youth, The New Colossus:

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

We are the shining light on the hill, so what is the problem? It turns out the problem is the Democratic party and the Immigration Act of 1965. One has been infiltrated by socialists and the other was written by a group of men whom have disorganized shit-fights the envy of wild monkeys everywhere.

The Immigration Act of 1965 caused massive illegal immigration from Mexico as their was a high demand for agriculture workers and insufficient supply. Congress had set quotes of immigration visas well below what was needed to sustain the demand. Since then, on two occasions the Congress has enacted forgiveness policies to "document" many of these workers. Still, it is estimated that there may be up to 20 million more illegal immigrants since the last time this was enacted.

The Democrats led by President Obama are seeking to reform immigration to provide provsions for "unifying families" by permitted legal relatives to come ot the United States. This is called pyramiding. The President plans on granting amnestry to 4-5 million illegal immigrants and then through a streamlined (fast) process allow them to obtain permanent resident status. Once resident status is obtained these immigrants are then able to bring in their parents and family members. Government statistics show that once immigrants become citizens, these individuals bring as many as 30 to 45 relatives. The children's spouse could, in turn, start a new pyramid, beginning with their parents, the final results is one illegal immigrant granted amnesty could result in hundred of new immigrants.

You might think this is not such a horrible idea. It will not ruin the fabric of our culture. True. However, this is just the window dressing. Presently, around 70% of all foreign-born immigrants settle in six states. Four of these states are democratic strongholds leaving Texas and Florida as states the Democratic party are targeting with immigration amnesty. The influx of mutli-generational democratic voters to Florida and Texas would be enough to turn both states blue and give the Democratic party a secure footing on 61 electoral votes. The long-term outcome is for the radical socialist agenda to be pushed further and faster because the conservatives will simply not have the numbers to stop the Democratic party in national elections. Amnesty will lead to ultra-polarization of the Democratic party and widen the already cavernous split between Democrat and Republican.

Friday, August 1, 2014

This is When Genocide Is Permissible

Apparently self-genocide also known as the Palestinian Solution, is generally acceptable. Strap your own kids to a building knowing they will be blown up, etc. However, Israel making a logical and calculated decisions to destroy all of Palestine is not genocide, it is self defense. Israel or its peoples have been under attack by several nations as a target of genocide for a hundred years. No religious and ethnic group has lost as many from repeated attacks from the outside world.  The nit-twits have been bleeding from their eyes like they all came down with hemorrhagic symptoms of Ebola after some Jewish writer dared to be honest and tell the world Palestine should reap what is sows. Palestine poked the bear and it is now getting mauled. If it chooses to throw its children in the mouth of the beast, than this is a bad case of parenting. If it chooses to continue to poke the bear rather than lie still and hope the bear gets bored and leaves, then its going to keep getting mauled. If it dies of its wounds from stupidity that is called ethnic suicide, not genocide.  Palestinians choose to drink the blue Kool-Aid that Imam's are serving up in their Jonestown commemorative beer steins. Cheers!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Americans keeping the faith

America was founded as a Nation of Godly people.  We acknowledge the Lord in
all the proceedings of our national Congress since the days of our Confederacy.
We appealed to the Supreme Judge in our Declaration of Independence with "a
firm reliance on Divine Providence."

September 11, 1777, a committee was appointed in Congress to appropriate and
pay for the first edition of the Bible ever published in America .  With this gesture
Congress showed their profound veneration for the Holy Scriptures.  It was made
obligatory by the Constitution of the United States on all who are employed in
the administration of national affairs, to take a solemn oath or affirmation.  This
is the most binding sacred appeal that can ever be made by man to the Almighty. 
Praises of the founders and defenders of our Republic should fall gently, like a
soothing rain from heaven, on the millions of eager imbibing minds of children,
from the lips of mothers, and the  millions of dinner tables throughout our

There is one Supreme Head of these United States, one which is never elected,
never a tyrant, and above the laws of the Constitution and the elected President.
The acknowledged ruler of these United States was, is, and ever shall be God. 
Praise God daily.

Monday, April 28, 2014

The little Marine they call G.I. Joe

On Nov. 15, 2003, an 85-year-old retired Marine Corps Colonel died of congestive heart failure at his home in La Quinta, Calif., southeast of Palm Springs.  He was a combat veteran of World War II. Reason enough to honor him.  But this Marine was a little different. This Marine was Mitchell Paige. It's hard today to envision or, for the dwindling few, to remember -- what the world looked like on 26 Oct 1942. The U.S. Navy was not the most powerful fighting force in the Pacific. Not by a long shot. So the Navy basically dumped a few thousand Marines on the beach.

As Platoon Sgt. Mitchell Paige and his 33 riflemen set about carefully emplacing their four water-cooled ..30-caliber Browning machine guns, manning their section of the thin khaki line which was expected to defend Henderson Field against the assault of the night of 25 Oct 1942, it's unlikely anyone thought they were about to provide the definitive answer to that most desperate of questions: How many able-bodied U.S. Marines does it take to hold a hill against 2,000 desperate and motivated Japanese attackers?  Nor did the commanders of the Japanese Army, who had swept everything before them for decades, expect their advance to be halted on some jungle ridge manned by one thin line of Marines in October of 1942.

By the time the night was over, The Japanese 29th Infantry Regiment has lost 553 killed or missing and 479 wounded among its 2,554 men, historian David Lippman reports. The Japanese 16th Regiment's losses are uncounted, but the [US] 164th's burial parties handled 975 Japanese bodies. . The American estimate of 2,200 Japanese dead is probably too low.  Among the 90 American dead and seriously wounded that night were all the men in Mitchell Paige's platoon; every one. As the night of endless attacks wore on, Paige moved up and down his line, pulling his dead and wounded comrades back into their foxholes and firing a few bursts from each of the  four Brownings in turn, convincing the Japanese forces down the hill that the positions were still manned.

The citation for Paige's Medal of Honor Citation defines the event: "When the enemy broke through the line directly in front of his position, P/Sgt. Paige, commanding a machinegun section with fearless determination, continued to direct the fire of his gunners until all his men were either killed or wounded.  Alone, against the deadly hail of Japanese shells, he fought with his gun
and when it was destroyed, took over another, moving from gun to gun, never ceasing his withering fire."

In the end, Sgt. Paige picked up the last of the 40-pound, belt-fed Brownings  (the same design which John M. Browning fired for a continuous 25 minutes until it ran out of ammunition, glowing cherry red, at its first U.S. Army demonstration) and did something for which the weapon was ever designed. Sgt. Paige walked down the hill toward the place where he could hear the last Japanese survivors rallying to move around his flank, the belt-fed gun cradled under his arm, firing as he went. The weapon did not fail.

At dawn, battalion executive officer Major Odell M. Conoley was first to discover the answer to our question:  How many able-bodied Marines does it take to hold a hill against two regiments of motivated, combat-hardened Japanese  infantrymen who have never known defeat?  On a hill where the bodies were piled like cordwood, Mitchell Paige alone sat upright behind his 30-caliber Browning, waiting to see what the dawn would bring.

One hill: one Marine.

But "In the early morning light, the enemy could be seen a few yards off, and vapor from the barrels of their machine guns was clearly visible," reports historian Lippman. "It was decided to try to rush the position."  For the task, Major Conoley gathered together "three enlisted communication personnel, several riflemen, a few company runners who were at the point, together with a cook and a few messmen who had brought food to the position the evening before." joined by Paige, this ad hoc force of 17 Marines counterattacked at 5:40 a.m., discovering that this extremely short range allowed the optimum use of grenades. They cleared the ridge.

And that's where the previously unstoppable wave of Japanese conquests finally broke and began to recede. On an unnamed jungle ridge on an insignificant island no one had ever heard of, called Guadalcanal.  But  who remembers, today, how close-run a thing it was, the ridge held by a single Marine, in the autumn of 1942? 

Some time after, when the Hasbro Toy Co. telephoned asking permission to put the retired Colonel's face on some kid's doll, Mitchell Paige thought they must be joking.  But they weren't.

That's his face on the little Marine they call  "G.I. Joe."

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Glenn FaceBeck Incident

So Glenn Beck on Tuesday basically said God does not call anyone to anger or vengeance ever and people that were going nuts over at the Bundy ranch are revolutionaries or hate mongers and should unlike him on Facebook.

I am disappointed at Glenn's choice of words.  I do believe it is time for a change and if revolution is the way, so be it.  What I am more disappointed in is Glenn's apparent belief that he knows scripture in such a way that he knows what God desires better than the rest of us.

I would hope recalls Nahum, "God is jealous, and the LORD revengeth; the LORD revengeth, and is furious; the LORD will take vengeance on his adversaries, and he reserveth wrath for his enemies.  Genesis 1:26-27 clearly supports that God made man in his image, that we should be rules, like God, with a more Earthly dominion.  It would therefore not be far reaching to assume that men, like their Creator, tend to be jealous and vengeful.

Elijah and Moses both were commanded to put people to death.  In Joshua  11, God forced the hearts of the enemies to fight the Israelites so they would be "completely and mercilessly destroyed". Glenn probably did not formulate his message as well as he would have liked, but I am sure his intentions were pure of heart.  God wants spiritual men to judge each other.  If we see wickedness in the behavior of others, it is not wrong to point it out.  It does not matter if it s a politician or a fellow parishioner.  Remember Malachi, "discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth GOD and him that serveth him not."

I clearly admit, I am waiting for a revolution.  I began discussing it with academics back in 1991.  I also thought with the Bundy situation that it will just be one shot fired and the third American revolution will have started and the thought scared me.  As much as I want to save this country and am sick of the progressives, the thought of war and millions of death I am sure would be an acquired taste.  I have no doubts I would step up to the plate and embrace it because, I am a son of a God that views war as a means to an end. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Automatocracy: The Fall of Human Rights

I have never believed in a New World Order conspiracy.  I do believe we are headed in the direction with the same end result through technological advances.  Many deny the conspiracy because there is no correlation between wealthy and education greedy capitalists and some psychotic need for power that leads them to genocide and other nasty behaviors.  Capitalists are all about profit right?  Would dealing with and bribery of one government not be more beneficial than dealing with hundreds?  Would not public servants and works be better and lower labor costs if they were property in the form of robots?

The fact is the rise of technology is nearing the point of fully autonomous robots ready to function in every role in society.  This means robotic policing, firefighting, surgeons, pharmacists.  Robotic burger flippers and farmers.  The progression of technology leads to opportunity to discard much of the population as they become socially irrelevant.  Could this be why we are seeing the rise of diseases like bird flu, etc.  Are the leaders of the NWO beginning the test phases of population control?  The U.S. military already has 400 operational robots of all types in Afghanistan.

That is far as I wish to discuss the NWO and its plausibility.  What happens during this rise in technology that paves the way?  Let us look at a robot that polices the neighborhood.  Robots make
use of sensor technologies to process information.  These are how they interact with the environment.

Parabolic hearing that records everything within a quarter mile?

Thermal and night imaging recordings?

X-rays to search every person for illegal weapons and drugs as they walk by?

Facial recognition so each person is identified and databases updated.

Will it become executioner if it witnesses a murder?  Judge Dredd? Save the taxpayers money!

The point is these issues need to be debated now and giving up just one small pinch of natural rights
is going to be a death sentence of humanity in terms of technological advances.

And these advances are not two hundred years into the future.  We are talking two to three decades.
Imagine a world where 24/7 there is a robot policing each corner and a Congress full of millionaires that really don't need constituents.  Would not the world be easier for these leaders if the masses were eliminated, not from any dark evil in their hearts, but as a matter of rational planning.  Let the bird flu fly and the robots can bury them all.  If they riot, let the robots shoot them all.  Imagine how efficiency burning Jews can be with automated easy-bake ovens.  These things are not too far fetched to imagine.

Friday, February 7, 2014

A Rant

All governments operate by using coercion to maintain an orderly society.

The desire off all freemen is to live in a state of maximum liberty whereby one’s way of life, behaviors, and views exist in a state of natural freedom. Complete liberty is anarchy.  Complete coercion is despotism.  a democracy is the institutionalization of government where civil control over the permissibility of coercive actions is maintained by internal checks and balances and ultimately controlled by the power of election and rebellion. In the event that our democracy should turn toward the path of despotism and sustain a period of unresponsiveness to rebuttals of the excess, a Bill of rights was created giving the people the power to own military arms which could put effectively block said path to despotism.

Should a party truly wish to pervert the government, they must first and foremost use the media to sell the idea that firearms are inherently evil in the hands of the people.  Then they must slowly make limitations upon the right to bear arms and finally they will begin confiscation.  At that point all the other natural rights of men can be disposed of quickly as the means of resistance has been permanently removed. The failure of democracy occurs when subsets of society take their personal beliefs and attempt to impose them on the whole of society rather than to be open and accepting of alternate views.  These issues not only become divisive they distract from the other operations of government which often leads to corruption in the bureaucracy. 

Should I force my Christian views on abortion as the murder of a child?  Is it right for my belief to be forced on all Americans that wish only to be free?  When does my morality trump the morality of others?  Is my feelings on abortion any different than those that led men to enslave their fellow man?  To survive as a free society, we must deeply and thoroughly consider each and every law and not act with haste.  We must read it to know what is in it before it is voted upon.  We must stop being idiots.  We all know crazy people and criminals shoot people, yet half the country want to ban guns due to the media.  We need to step up and start institutionalizing the nuts and really punishing criminals and arming citizens.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The origin of "Old Glory"

William Driver, captain of the whale Charles Doggett out of Salem, Massachusetts, in 1831,  was presented with a beautiful American flag with twenty for stars.  On his way out to sea the banner opened in the breeze for the first time and he exclaimed "Old Glory!"

This very same voyage, the Charles Doggett founds 65 Pitcairners on the island of Tahiti and took them back to Pitcairn.  The Captain was paid with cash partially raised from selling copper from the HMS Bounty.  The Pitcairners were the mutineers and their native families that set Captain Bligh a drift back in 1789.

Six years after this famed voyage, the Captain retired taking his treasured flag with him.  When Tennesee seceded from the Union, rebels were determined to destroy the Captain's now famous flag, but repeated searches never revealed the location of that damnable flag.  On February 25th, 1862, Union forces captured Nashville and raised the American flag over the capital. It was a rather small flag and immediately folks began asking Captain Driver if "Old Glory" still existed. Happy to have soldiers with him this time, Captain Driver went home and began ripping at the seams of his bedcover. As the stitches holding the quilt-top to the batting unraveled, the onlookers peered inside and saw the 24-starred original "Old Glory"!

Captain Driver gently gathered up the flag and returned with the soldiers to the capitol. Though he was sixty years old, the Captain climbed up to the tower to replace the smaller banner with his beloved flag. The Sixth Ohio Regiment cheered and saluted - and later adopted the nickname "Old Glory" as their own, telling and re-telling the story of Captain Driver's devotion to the flag we honor yet today.

Captain Driver's grave is located in the old Nashville City Cemetery, and is one of three (3) places authorized by act of Congress where the Flag of the United States may be flown 24 hours a day. The flag was given to his granddaughter or niece whom presented it to the Essex Institute for display.  Old Glory eventually made its way the Smithsonian.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Appeal to Common Sense in November

My fellow Americans when we assemble at the polls, after two terms of democratic legislation and administration, remember business is now dead, industry paralyzed, the healthcare system in jeopardy, national credit disastrously impaired, and our children and their children's futures dire. The country's capital is now hidden away and its labor distressed and unemployed by liberal policies and failed leadership. The Democrats had no other plan with which to improve the ruinous conditions, which they had themselves produced by policies from the past democratic congresses and administrations finally taking its toll at the end of 2007. In typical fashion, the Democrat party pointed the finger at a Republican instead of looking to the root cause during the Clinton administration and the Barney Franks of the legislature who destroyed the housing markets with policies forcing the issuance of bad loans in an effort to legislate “economic equality”.

The people, by great majority, issued to the Democrats an appeal to stop the non-sense. We did not want Obamacare, we did not want further gun control, we wanted answers about Benghazi, we wanted the spying and eroding of civil rights to end, and we demanded the impeachment of a criminal President and his Attorney General. Conservative citizens denounced these plans as sure to produce conditions ever worse than those from which relief was sought. In exchange for legitimate concern, we were all label as racists by the media and any conservative daring to speak out was viciously attacked.

It is time for Americans to understand that liberal policies do not work. They did not work in 1900 nor did they work in 2008 or 2012. They are flawed and based upon emotional desires to do “good” rather than sound and prudent judgements. It is not for the government to assume the role of mother. Those initiatives and policies fail and will always fail before the ink dries on the paper they are written.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Their is no justification for the usurpation of the 2nd Amendment. No amount of school shootings or police officer killings can justify stealing the rights of 314 million people. Do you realize that the amount of murders by firearms annually represents 0.0035% [35 ten-thousandths] of the population? When judged against the scope and importance of the 2nd Amendment, the numbers bear no significance. And this is why firearm legislation is only ever addressed after some tragedy. Socialists know it is the only way to maintain the illusion of justification.

The 2nd Amendment is clear and unequivocally states that the government shall not infringe the right to own and carry firearms. Foolishly, the Court upheld the first attack on this right and has yet to right this wrong The truth cannot be whitewashed by the Court - the 2nd Amendment does not say the government shall not interfere except in cases where it involves commerce.

As mentioned in his State of the Union address, the President intends to act, as one man against a nation of 314 million. One man will, in his wisdom, continue to strip the rights of an entire nation. The 2nd Amendment is the key to securing all other liberties. The erosion of this right must not only be halted, but the right must be fully restored. The time has come for the People to fulfill the prophecy - of the DHS of being a bunch of pissed off and dangerous citizens - and to demand the immediate full-restoration of the 2nd Amendment. If our demands fall on deaf ears, then we must be willing to answer the call-to-arms and to take back our right. This does not mean we need a armed revolution, but it may mean we need an armed confrontation. After all, the government has no right to interfere with carrying firearms, in any place, time, or manner.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Open Letter to Congress

To my brethren in Congress,

It is time for Congress act upon the People's abhorrence of this diabolical socialist administration which is determined to enslave America in chains forged of tyranny and debt. It is essential to the freedom and security of a free people, that no laws be imposed upon them but by their own consent and their Representatives prove to uphold the public trust. For what liberty have we in that which the government may, by right, take what they please for themselves? The unalienable right of freemen was secured when we expended millions and sacrificed the lives of hundreds of thousands. And yet, to the astonishment of the world, and the grief of Americans, the Government of the United States, the great victor of the cold war against communism, assumed the position as champion of Marx, mi posing socialism on the American people; and insisting on it as a necessary badge of federal supremacy, passed a bill, in the 233rd year of American liberty, imposing a socialist welfare program in such magnitude and scope as to ensure the fiscal death of the nation and the purposeful destruction of capitalism, the mainstay of economic liberty.

This bill, after being unilaterally forced through the Congress, obtained the Presidential assent And thus they who, from time immemorial, have exercised the right of giving to, or withholding from the government, their aids and subsidies, according to their own free will and pleasure, signified by their representatives in Congress, do, by the Act in question, deny us, their brethren, the enjoyment of our unalienable rights. As this denial ,and the execution of that Act, involves our slavery, and would sap the foundation of our freedom, whereby we should become slaves to our brethren and fellow citizens, born to no greater stock of freedom. Accordingly, to increase the temptation to our brethren to submit to socialism, the President repeatedly and unilaterally adjusted the law in violation of the Constitution he is sworn to uphold. Still determined on the scheme to enslave us in socialism, Congress has refused to impeach the President for these usurpation's. The government has decided to make a trial of our virtue. They hope that allied with time, they will succeed in wearing down our opposition, we shall have no property that we can call our own, and then we may bid adieu to American liberty.

Therefore, to prevent the devastation. of locking our own shackles and enslaving ourselves in the contaminants of socialism - we, the People, for our high regard of 1iberty, and unassisted by you, our elected representatives, recognize the failure of our systems checks and balances to quell this pernicious plot. To ensure we transmit to our posterity those blessings of freedom which our ancestors have handed down to us; and to contribute to the support of the common liberties of America, which are currently being subverted, do, for.. those important purposes, we are actively preparing to take up arms, under the name and style of our patriot Founding Fathers, and engage our honor, to and with each other, faithfully to perform whatever duties necessary to create a lasting change in the operation of the People's government.

The men we elect must be of the highest moral character and readily put the People and the Nation above ideology and personal desire for re-election. As a whole, the current Congress has been judged and found lacking. Congress must actively seek to restore the rightful power of the States within this republic. Congress must abolish the income tax for a better system. Congress must bring to just the IRS, NSA, and DOJ and restore privacy to Americans.

Lastly, Congress must accept the truth that the cornerstone of this nation was the firearms that our forefathers carried and the Constitution, free of legal manipulation, forbids the federal government to create any laws regarding firearms. If Congress does not fix this nation after the election of 2014, I for one am willing to take up arms with my fellow citizens to restore this country to the correct the wrongful course which men of politics have put her upon.

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Inevitability of another American Revolution

When humans recognize a severe threat which is potentially damaging - emotionally or physically - they will take one of two courses of action. The first option is to focus on controlling danger by developing solutions to threats through preparedness or protection. The second option is to focus on denial, rationalization, and escapism without any orientation toward developing solutions. In other words, we control danger or we control our fear.

 If we recall the writings of Locke, we undersand that the foundation of America was so that the people of the colonies may form a new society to because preservation of life and property are not enough reason for man to leave his natural state. Men must have liberty above all. Those that seek only to control fear will cherish governmen above all else. They are socialists. All governments with career politicians feed on the socialists because fear unites them and any policy which helps them escape their fears is for them rational. Their minds are child-like when it comes to corrupting it through media and repetition. Government is the nanny that is always there to sooth their fears with a new policy.

 People that seek only true soluions to danger are much less united as problems often present many solutions. Their strength of character is political weakness. As issues wedge between them, the sand of lost liberty fills in the divide. Therefore, every democracy will eventually lead to another revolution as it is the only way to refresh liberty once lost.  Legislation will not turn back years of bad court decisions and corruption.  Only the blood of the tyrants will do.

Christians and Muslims: A Millenium of Evil Exchanges

I am a Christian that tries to avoid religiocentric and ethnocentric thinking. I was reading a wonderful old book and came across some information that appears to be wrong in Wikipedia and definitely never learned correctly by myself.

During the middle ages, a young cook was told his Christian master wanted fresh pork for dinner. Having none and knowing not where to find a pig; the cook, fearing he would lose his head, had a prisoner killed and fed the flesh to his master.

Praising the dinner, but mistrusting the taste, the master asked for the head of the pig to be brought to the table. The cook, sure of his fate, brought the head to the table. Surprisingly, the cook’s master laughed replying “We will not want for pork as long as we have sixty thousand prisoners.” The master was a man history would come to love as a defender of Christianity - a man with a heart of a lion. The man was King Richard. 

Only days later, the commander of the enemy army sent ambassadors beseeching his prisoners not be put to death. The ambassadors were beheaded and added to the banquet table decorations. After ransom talks had stalled the prisoners were executed just outside the east gate of the city. This massacre at Ayyadieh was done in front of the army and Sultan of Egypt - the Saracen named Saladin.

The hero of the Third Crusade executed 60,000 citizens of the city of Acre - men, women, and children.  Saladin was not without guilt having also executed prisoners one of the earliest exchanges of evil between Christianity and Islam.  Christians and Muslims have known that for nearly a thousand years the religious war to end all wars has been brewing.  Many Muslims belief they are called to convert or kill all infidels.

I hope Muslims will remember the massacre of Ayyadieh.  While they may want to convert or kill infidels, Christians may not actively engage in terrorism as a tool of our religion, but we do embrace fully the concept of war and wiping our enemies from the face of the planet.  Hopefully, we can have an accord someday.  Muslims will stop terror attacks and Christians will not be forced to destroy Islam.  All it will take is one dirty nuclear bomb being set off in a Christian city and the whole of Middle East will be reduced to a series of Christian ruled colonies.

Iran may think itself clever in getting help building nuclear reactors for power, but Israel, and the Christian world, will never allow it to develop nuclear weapons.  The west learned with North Korea, that once it happens, politics and power change too much.   Frankly, Israel cannot afford this mistake because Islam is hell bent on its destruction.