Friday, August 1, 2014

This is When Genocide Is Permissible

Apparently self-genocide also known as the Palestinian Solution, is generally acceptable. Strap your own kids to a building knowing they will be blown up, etc. However, Israel making a logical and calculated decisions to destroy all of Palestine is not genocide, it is self defense. Israel or its peoples have been under attack by several nations as a target of genocide for a hundred years. No religious and ethnic group has lost as many from repeated attacks from the outside world.  The nit-twits have been bleeding from their eyes like they all came down with hemorrhagic symptoms of Ebola after some Jewish writer dared to be honest and tell the world Palestine should reap what is sows. Palestine poked the bear and it is now getting mauled. If it chooses to throw its children in the mouth of the beast, than this is a bad case of parenting. If it chooses to continue to poke the bear rather than lie still and hope the bear gets bored and leaves, then its going to keep getting mauled. If it dies of its wounds from stupidity that is called ethnic suicide, not genocide.  Palestinians choose to drink the blue Kool-Aid that Imam's are serving up in their Jonestown commemorative beer steins. Cheers!