Sunday, September 29, 2013

What are the capabilities of the NSA?

I took the time this weekend to read several hundred pages of wikileaks documents.  Ones from Bradley Manning, Snowden, and a consulting firm operated by a former US Diplomatic Service officer who is most likely retired SpecOps.  Here are the abilities I believe the government currently has and utilizes for spying on Americans.

Smile at the camera.  By know almost every American has their face in a  highly indexed database that allows for nearly instant facial recognition from direct camera feeds.  If the government identifies you as a search target, when the camera analysis your facial structure and looks for the matching algorithm, as soon as you go public you are as good as location tracked.  If this information is not disconcerting enough the government is also engaging at using all the phone call data to match voice sampling data to the callers.  The voice matching database simply enough can be used by cheaply placing listening microphones with small uplinks all over high traffic areas such as malls, restaurants, apartment building hallways, as soon as the voice is transmitted if a match is found  an alert can be issued giving a very close proximity location.

Ever notice that camera that overlooks your office building as you unlock every morning?  Using
relatively simple mathematics, the camera can capture a view of your building key and convert it to
data to be able to duplicate the key.  This is not make believe, scientists wrote the paper on it and developed the technology.  So far you can't speak or the government knows your location.  You can't show your face or the government knows your location.  You can never show anything on camera you don't want the possibility of someone seeing, even a key.

SSL encryption is worthless and DOES NOT slow down the NSA from discovering your data.
The equipment that does this is literally hardware that works in-line as a proxy server.  In real time
it decrypts SSL.  VPN tunneling is made bogus by the fact that the NSA simply sits at the end of the rainbow...err backbone of the Internet.  The NSA literally has access to the hardware that is "the internet".

I know that you are thinking the hell with this. I will get in my car and go live in the mountains.
Well police departments are using automated scanners and they gather millions of records each day on just the location ad movement of every vehicle.  The scanners are on police cars, bridges, buildings.  Certainly these smaller databases are siphoned by the NSA.  If your car has never crossed a certain bridge, perhaps it is flagged and by the time you get to the mountain, the government knew where you were headed either out of town or to mother's house.

So much for enjoying a few minutes of *ME* time.

Take all of this ability to locate and track and add the social data mined daily by Google among others and you have given the government the ability:

Identify on their criteria "enemies of the state"  locate them easily when alone and eliminate

Build "intimidation" files on opposition and use it to coerce compliance.

You did not walk your dog for the prescribe 2 hrs on 9/29/2013.  Please report to
the nearest IRS reeducation center.  You have 12hrs to comply.

If you do not believe this could happen perhaps you are still waiting for cheaper health care costs and change to occur and likely voted two times for Obama and also believe making it a crime to own a gun will stop a crime in which a gun was used.

This shit is real.  Nothing is unknown unless it is only in your head.  This is why we won't see an organized revolution occur.  We will see mass rioting and devastation along with the government calling it terrorist right wing extremist events and there will be 20 million Americans dead within the first month.  The liberal will bitterly cling to their power because the truth is even if they don't realize they are socialists; their policies are socialist.  I truly believe many of the liberals think they are liberals.  Blue Kool-Aid.

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