Friday, January 24, 2014

The Inevitability of another American Revolution

When humans recognize a severe threat which is potentially damaging - emotionally or physically - they will take one of two courses of action. The first option is to focus on controlling danger by developing solutions to threats through preparedness or protection. The second option is to focus on denial, rationalization, and escapism without any orientation toward developing solutions. In other words, we control danger or we control our fear.

 If we recall the writings of Locke, we undersand that the foundation of America was so that the people of the colonies may form a new society to because preservation of life and property are not enough reason for man to leave his natural state. Men must have liberty above all. Those that seek only to control fear will cherish governmen above all else. They are socialists. All governments with career politicians feed on the socialists because fear unites them and any policy which helps them escape their fears is for them rational. Their minds are child-like when it comes to corrupting it through media and repetition. Government is the nanny that is always there to sooth their fears with a new policy.

 People that seek only true soluions to danger are much less united as problems often present many solutions. Their strength of character is political weakness. As issues wedge between them, the sand of lost liberty fills in the divide. Therefore, every democracy will eventually lead to another revolution as it is the only way to refresh liberty once lost.  Legislation will not turn back years of bad court decisions and corruption.  Only the blood of the tyrants will do.

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