Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rebellion against traitors

Most of us are loyal to our country and that loyalty remains steadfast even after the victorious usurpation of our liberty and freedom by the President-Elect and the leftist media which reduced all civility and truth to subserviency of a long hidden socialist movement that all but
disappeared after the Roosevelt's Presidency. Soon we will have no choice to become rebels by submission. Rebellion out of loyalty to our country, but even a greater loyalty to liberty and freedom.

We are entitled to the allegiance of our government as it was made for the people by the people and to its protection, but the allegiance of the weak and the meek surrendered to that usurpation with a blow struck of their defense of socialism, having become traitors by ceasing to resist and vote for usurpation of liberty.

That is exactly the case of the loyal people of America, a majority of whom was unquestionably loyal before the fall in November of 2008, but who found themselves at the moment absolutely at the mercy of the conspirators against our republic. This state of things was the result of
the convience of the government of the United States with no traitors, who, by the aid of secret societies of progressive socialists, had organized and overwhelming political force secured by the infiltration of the mass media over the past two generations and by political intrigue the executive, legislative, and judicial power in many states.

The President-Elect is their executive. Every cabinet office appointed by by him is of their choosing. They have a controlling majority in both branches of Congress. The Supreme Court will within a few years be at their devotion. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Michael Mullen, may stand alone against all of the subversion of the controlling functionaries, true to his country. Every other head of administration, with the exception of this time-worn patriot, contributed to betray our country into the hands of its enemies - those that would take away liberty for the disguise of brotherhood. The Senate and the House of Representatives in their are hot-beds of sedition to fire the movement that became victorious by their half-century of disenfranchisement of the American people.

John McCain's policy and campaign, then and since, and his motives are still a mystery; but the result of his devious course was manifestly detrimental to this great nation as a catalyst of disgruntlement amongst the masses that would defeat the power directing the conspiracy from its council chamber in caucus in Washington, New York, and Chicago.

We have fought this movement with loyalty for a century and more and afforded to meet their socialist prejudice with conciliation, exaction with concession which surrendered no principle, and violence and anger with the right hand of peace. We resisted all this time the dissolution of our principles until the betrayal of 2008 finally allowed the snake into the chicken coup.

So while we maybe in rebellion it is against the administration and the current government and will not affect our loyalty to our country. We will organize and route this coercive enemy from within. We will restore this country and make the changes to keep this government for the people. While we may be rebellious, our rebellion is against what is assured to be seditious traitors. When we are finished laws will be changed, amendments made, liberty will now longer be in jeopardy. Elected officials will once again and forever serve the people and not a constituency hidden in the corporations, financial institutions, foreign regimes, and inside
the beltway. We will take a hundred years of lessons and use it to fix what the Founding Fathers could no foresee. We are watching, we are waiting, we will defeat you.

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