Tuesday, December 9, 2008

err for liberty

If it does not hinder the liberty of another it should not be restricted as a freedom. Restrictions as proof of competency such a drivers licensing is in place to try to assure the liberty of your neighbor’s grandmother from your demon possessed car. Yet other restrictions such as the type of firearm make no sense and are simply disarming the public whom may someday need to stop the tyranny of evil. A gun safety class keeps you from shooting the neighbor’s grandmother accidently, but it does not matter if it was a shotgun or a belt-fed machine gun that you accidently killed her with. Regulating the type of weapon is government stealing your freedom.
The same could be said about illegal drugs that have people filling our prisons. Everyday hundreds of thousands of beers are sold in bars then people get in their cars and drive their drunken asses’ home, potentially robbing you of your liberties as they bounce you under their muffler. Yet if they do not drive, it is perfectly acceptable. Well are all these illegal drug busts of people driving on drugs??? I think not and there is no difference. Alcohol and pot both affect judgment. Light up and have a beer, but sit your ass at home.
Let us extend this to abortion. Are you killing a person and taking their liberty? Conservatives would say yes and liberals would say it’s not a human. They cover up with spin and talk about the liberties of the mother, etc. Chill out both of you. You want an abortion …go for it. There is no one on this planet that can save definitively where a fetus is a human with a soul or if anyone has a soul. I do say this; if there is a God he or she is perfectly capable of waiting to avenge this murder. If he can be patient and wait for some chick to die rather than smote her then so can I Until you can know 100% and all sides say its human….err on the side of liberty. Abortions should remain legal.
Economy is another sore spot. Johnny has $100 and gives his wife $20. Johnny then wants to buy a stereo for $85 dollars. How many dollars does Johnny have left? The answer is $80 because he doesn’t buy it until he has the damn money. Government should be like Johnny. Constitutionally it should be mandated that government is like Johnny. Now onto income tax. STOP IT!! Income I make from work is not PROFIT to be taxed. It is a fair market exchange of my labor for cash from a company. If you tax income it is inherently interfering with the free market and if you are too stupid to realize that only a completely free market works then just off yourself now. Not an almost free but subsidized. Not an almost free but trade barriered. Not a lets force minimum wage up. Not a lets make regional trade agreements to create false markets. A FREE TRADE CAPITALIST ECONOMY IS THE ONLY ONE THAT WORKS.
I make tires for $20 and some Japanese guy makes tires for $17 including his cost to ship them to the U.S. Well I am sorry but you deserve to save $3 and if I can’t figure out how to do it then I should start another business. And while I’m having my stroke….show me in the Constitution where it says tax the shit out of me and give it to Ford to save 100,000 jobs? Your government, not nurse maid. Quit letting everyone suckle and let them go. They had the chance to foresee the future and were not smart enough to change, let them burn. Yes, I am sorry Uncle Joe lost his union welding job at Ford because the union literally drove Ford out of business, but people should think about the consequences of unions. So you have two dynamics here. Americans as consumers deserve an open market and Americans as workers deserve to have companies naturally adapt or phase out if they cannot compete. In the case of the U.S. auto industry it was costly government regulations and the Unite Auto Workers(communists) responsible for its demise. Fuck you. I am not bailing them out and if the government does….you will never see me buy another one of their cars again just to spite them. How about getting rid of NASCAR you dumbasses.
I sure wish someone would pay me not to work. Perhaps I should become a farmer. Can you really tell me that government should be paying farmers’ income so they don’t grow certain crops and thus influence the free market? More market interference nothing more or less.
While I am think about taxes….lower taxes makes more spendable income. Spending means businesses make money. Businesses making money hire people. Hiring people makes more spendable income. Damn that is so simple. Close the IRS. Start raising sales tax on non-food and non-medicinal products. Make life fair without making it socialist.

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