Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Appeal to Common Sense in November

My fellow Americans when we assemble at the polls, after two terms of democratic legislation and administration, remember business is now dead, industry paralyzed, the healthcare system in jeopardy, national credit disastrously impaired, and our children and their children's futures dire. The country's capital is now hidden away and its labor distressed and unemployed by liberal policies and failed leadership. The Democrats had no other plan with which to improve the ruinous conditions, which they had themselves produced by policies from the past democratic congresses and administrations finally taking its toll at the end of 2007. In typical fashion, the Democrat party pointed the finger at a Republican instead of looking to the root cause during the Clinton administration and the Barney Franks of the legislature who destroyed the housing markets with policies forcing the issuance of bad loans in an effort to legislate “economic equality”.

The people, by great majority, issued to the Democrats an appeal to stop the non-sense. We did not want Obamacare, we did not want further gun control, we wanted answers about Benghazi, we wanted the spying and eroding of civil rights to end, and we demanded the impeachment of a criminal President and his Attorney General. Conservative citizens denounced these plans as sure to produce conditions ever worse than those from which relief was sought. In exchange for legitimate concern, we were all label as racists by the media and any conservative daring to speak out was viciously attacked.

It is time for Americans to understand that liberal policies do not work. They did not work in 1900 nor did they work in 2008 or 2012. They are flawed and based upon emotional desires to do “good” rather than sound and prudent judgements. It is not for the government to assume the role of mother. Those initiatives and policies fail and will always fail before the ink dries on the paper they are written.

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