Monday, February 24, 2014

Automatocracy: The Fall of Human Rights

I have never believed in a New World Order conspiracy.  I do believe we are headed in the direction with the same end result through technological advances.  Many deny the conspiracy because there is no correlation between wealthy and education greedy capitalists and some psychotic need for power that leads them to genocide and other nasty behaviors.  Capitalists are all about profit right?  Would dealing with and bribery of one government not be more beneficial than dealing with hundreds?  Would not public servants and works be better and lower labor costs if they were property in the form of robots?

The fact is the rise of technology is nearing the point of fully autonomous robots ready to function in every role in society.  This means robotic policing, firefighting, surgeons, pharmacists.  Robotic burger flippers and farmers.  The progression of technology leads to opportunity to discard much of the population as they become socially irrelevant.  Could this be why we are seeing the rise of diseases like bird flu, etc.  Are the leaders of the NWO beginning the test phases of population control?  The U.S. military already has 400 operational robots of all types in Afghanistan.

That is far as I wish to discuss the NWO and its plausibility.  What happens during this rise in technology that paves the way?  Let us look at a robot that polices the neighborhood.  Robots make
use of sensor technologies to process information.  These are how they interact with the environment.

Parabolic hearing that records everything within a quarter mile?

Thermal and night imaging recordings?

X-rays to search every person for illegal weapons and drugs as they walk by?

Facial recognition so each person is identified and databases updated.

Will it become executioner if it witnesses a murder?  Judge Dredd? Save the taxpayers money!

The point is these issues need to be debated now and giving up just one small pinch of natural rights
is going to be a death sentence of humanity in terms of technological advances.

And these advances are not two hundred years into the future.  We are talking two to three decades.
Imagine a world where 24/7 there is a robot policing each corner and a Congress full of millionaires that really don't need constituents.  Would not the world be easier for these leaders if the masses were eliminated, not from any dark evil in their hearts, but as a matter of rational planning.  Let the bird flu fly and the robots can bury them all.  If they riot, let the robots shoot them all.  Imagine how efficiency burning Jews can be with automated easy-bake ovens.  These things are not too far fetched to imagine.

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