Sunday, November 30, 2008

Education vs. Values

I compared the 2006 census data and compared % of College Graduates over the age of 25 and how the state voted in the 2008 elections.

Out of the 25 Most Educated States, only 6 voted for McCain.

Out fo the 25 Least Educated States, 13 voted for McCain.

What does this information truly say? Well to me it says a good bit.

It confirms higher education is very liberal in its direction.

It confirms hard worker blue collar American vote for values and not bling.

It confirms that high education means more income and less decision making on economic variables.

The coal miners of West Virigina, factor workers of Kentucky, dock workers of Louisianna, the crab fishermen on the Bearing Sea, and the Republic of Texas DID NOT SELL OUT THEIR VALUES.

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