Sunday, August 25, 2013

Liberal Gun Control: The Horrid Truth

I will with directness of verbiage and toughness of love explain why Gun Control has failed and as a BONUS!! why any black man in America that votes democrat should have their head examined. I am using some facts and figures from 2008-2010 gun data and rounding etc...don't think I am lying or cheating because my numbers are not precise...they were looked up via FBI, DOJ, Census, and CDC...get your ass off the Cheetos and look for yourself. So without further delay, let me begin.


The United States of America ranks internationally as the 3rd worst country for gun murders.


Major population centers in the US have the major portion of the gun murders.


If you exclude gun murder figures from Detroit, New Orleans, Chicago, and Washington DC;
The United States of America would rank internationally as the 4th best country for gun murders.


Gun Control policy in large cities is a failure and has no statistical impact. Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, and Washington DC have some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation.


The Unite States give or take annual fluctuation is pumping out about 11,000 firearm murders a year.


About 500,000 violent crimes occur annually by a criminal wielding a "visible" gun.


These major metropolitan areas have been under liberal policy control for extensive periods: New Orleans 1872.  Washington DC 1883.  Chicago 1931.  Detroit 1962.


911 response times ranges from a minimum average of 4 minutes to over an hour.

So what does all this mean?

Liberal Gun Control policy is a failure, does not work, and puts at risk the poor and minorities subjected to living in crime infested inner-city and public housing areas.  Liberals are literally killing black America with their policies on guns while they hug them and keep them beholden with social welfare programs and entitlements designed to make them dependent on liberal politicians.  Black America continues to love liberal politicians; regardless of all the harm they do to their community.

If you live in a major city, you are truly screwed.  Odds are during your life you will be the victim of a violent crime and the police will not respond in time to protect or save you and as you reach for your Glock 17, you realize you cannot own one where you live.  One of two scenarios occur, you own the gun illegally and end up the criminal or you end up on a slab.  Either way the liberal policy has failed you unequivocally.  They have taken slavery from the plantations and made minorities slaves to the institution of government visa vi entitlements. 

The impoverishment caused by these entitlements leads to a gathering of minority populations into major cities.  Be it due to racism, economics, or social reasons, the middle and upper classes move away from the areas leaving the classical inner-city with small exploiter liquor stores, payday lenders, check cashiers, and in move the drug dealers to make people forget about how bad life sucks, but along with that comes the thefts, robberies, car jacking and violence.  This creates a sustained need for protection which comes at the hands of joining street gangs that while criminals also protect their neighborhoods to some extent.

Good lord all this crime because of the minorities....what is a liberal politician to do?  They must keep the black community safe.  Let us enact drug laws that on top of everything else will send huge portions of the young black and Hispanic communities to county jail or prison.  It sounds good and at the same time makes them a felon and illegal for them to ever own a gun and protect themselves. Sprinkle a few mandatory sentencing laws on top with a dash of three strikes and prison for life.  Now we are cooking with peanut oil.  The best one is crack cocaine - the inner-city drug of choice. Although it has the same ingredients as powered cocaine, it has special sentencing guidelines because we cannot have them black folk doing drugs ruining the neighborhood!!  You can have an ounce of cocaine or an ounce worth of crack.  The white guy with powered coke is going to be out of jail in a year and the black kid who was making some money will be serving minimums that are mandatory and much 5 to 10 years.  Liberals hard at work supporting their constituents.

It is a vicious circle of poor policy and slight of hand with a self-imposed media bias that fuels this democratic-socialist plan to control the dregs of humanity.  And all the while, liberals have sold conservatives and republicans as hateful white racist bastards.  While I am sure some are, I am sure their are far more racist liberals because in general liberals are emotionally driven and non-rational people leaving them vulnerable to pre-judging of others.

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