Monday, August 5, 2013

Should the Bible be the guiding light for public policy?

I was raised a Baptist and grew up a conservative.  Over the years my beliefs have matured into the realm of the libertarian.  It is my belief that public policy should only be guided by the Constitution
and the only fundamental belief should be to maximize personal freedom without infringing on the liberty or freedom of others.  For people like myself who personally are pro-life, we believe that
abortion is murder.  The difference between the pro-life conservative and my personal brand of libertarianism is I do not allow my personal beliefs and the Holy Bible to permeate my thoughts on
public policy of our multi-religious and multi-cultural society. For me, placing my personal beliefs in a position of dominance via policy and subjugating the beliefs of others is fundamentally counter-intuitive to the concept of our republic.  I make a conscious choice to keep my personal belief close to my heart and between God and myself.  God's word tells me not to judge least I be judged. 

My views get me attacked on social networking sites by both the Pro-Lifers and the Pro-Choice crowd.  They feel I am straddling the fence.  I can assure you I am not straddling any fence.  As far as public policy, I am against policy limiting abortion, yet I am not Pro-Choice.  It is not the individual citizens duty to impose their personal beliefs as public policy.  Doing so will simply bog government down in emotional battles that can never be won while government ignores its duties.  We only need to look toward the Middle East to see that personal beliefs cause chaos.  If you are a Christian  you would be better served by not judging others and simply praying to God.  If you are planning on having an abortion you would be better served by visiting a church and speaking to a pastor and also by praying to God.  Neither is served well by trying to prevent the others from exercising their opposed personal beliefs through public policy.

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