Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Intense Interest in pending ratification of the U.S. Constitution

My Dear Sir,

It is with the most sincere pleasure I congratulate you and all my friends on the adoption of the new Constitution by Virginia. This great event took place on the 25th of June; the majority was ten. The amendments are stated, as by Massachusetts, in the manner pointed out by the situation. The express arrived here with the glorious intelligence about three hours ago. The sensibility and joy of this city are extreme.-Mr. Pease, who is here, will take charge of this letter and forward it - l want my Boston friends to participate in our joy.

Yours, H. Knox.


Dear Sir,

I give you great joy on the adoption of the Constitution by Virginia ; majority ten - 88 to 78.- This comes by Col. Henley, who went hence this day week to Virginia express, with an account of New Hampshire's adoption, and met the express coming from Richmond, at Alexandria, with this
important news, upon which, after rejoicing with Gen. Washington, and the citizens of Alexandria, he turned about and brought the first intelligence here.

In haste, yours,

Major E Haskell.

Extract of a letter from Richard Platt to a gentleman in Boston.

I congratulate you, my dear sir, on the adoption of the New Constitution by the state of Virginia.
Col. Henley, who rode express from this city to that state, had the pleasure of communicating this
very agreeable intelligence on his arrival this morning, at one o'clock. At daylight all the bells in the city were rung, and at sunrise, was a discharge of ten cannon from the battery.

source:  The American Magazine Vol. I.  1835. Boston Bewick Co.

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