Thursday, November 28, 2013

Conspiracy Abounds

I have come to the conclusion that America is governed by one long conspiracy since 2008. Secrecy on the part of the government and misinformation to the people being conspired against. The government hides its infraction of the laws and the willing blindness of the people make it possible. If you look back over the past five years of legislative and executive history and set aside media interpretation of events, the picture is crystal clear.

Now and then a member of Congress awakens from public pressure to the vague sense of the dangers that threaten us and ventures to hold a hearing or introduce a resolution calling upon the President for information, but the vigilance is brought down by and immediate disinformation campaign on five networks and universally across social media where the member is labeled a rogue, racist, or extremist. Every member who has no let himself be beat down into an uncomplaining wilting mold of John McCain is denounce Salem-style hour by hour every day every network with party talking points. The Bully pulpit beat down with the modern twist of a multi-media powered baseball bat to silence dissent from the unconstitutional deeds of the conspirators. Anyone speaking of the administration must do so with unreasoned praise or risk direct attack sometimes even directed at them by the President himself.

To a person of common sense there is no proof needed because it has unfolded week after week, year after year that the Obama presidency is has a case of malignant secrecy requiring health care insurance and it has determined it should cover up its acts and has laid a deep conspiracy to cover up its lies and and laws against Liberty. And we knows of the Department of Homeland Security through its own documents that all who are not for socialism, must be restrained of their liberty. That is a conspiracy.  All who demand that constitutional law be respected are labeled as "ethno-national separatists". No tyrant wants his deeds discussed or his designs to come to light. These are fatal to tyrants. Slowly but surely through the hard work of journalists the evidence pile has become overwhelming and the conspiracy picture is more clear. His assumptions of executive power are only made more ridiculous due to his claims of being a constitutional scholar.

The laws, instead of being administered, are suspended by a wave of the magical executive power wand. Enforcing immigration law is not important to the administration, so they refuse to enforce it. That is conspiracy. By a Senate rule change, the liberty of every person will soon be in the hands of socialist judges all across the nation. That is conspiracy.

In the 2014 elections· the people must loudly and emphatically state that these things must cease. They will no longer be governed by conspiracy, but by laws and will no longer permit constitutional liberties to be put down by Congress, President, or Court.

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