Thursday, November 21, 2013

Harry Reid and the Chamber of Secrets

It would be better for the Senate to sit for an entire month every session than to pass the Cloture Rule.
So a horrible thought that the gentlemen must sit and patiently wait.  Instead of being slightly inconvenienced, as happens in a Republic, the Democrats choose to shut down the discussion of important subjects and pen other channels for their discussion.  This is precisely why today the Senate changed the cloture rule and simultaneously a gaggle of liberal reports left a meeting at the White House undoubtedly with stacks of talking points to sell this move to the public and then refocus them on immigration and off of Obamacare. This move is nothing but the beginning of the Democratic Party attempting to salvage the 2014 election via a legislature version of slight of hand.
 The Senate also today approved the appointment of Patricia Ann Millett to the United States Circuit  for the District of Columbia.  Millett is the atypical progressive and has argued against proof of citizenship and picture identification for election voting.

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