Monday, November 11, 2013

Ghosts of Okinawa

My thoughts are haunted when I think of 416,800 American servicemen dead from fighting for freedom for the entire world from 1941 to 1945.  They were wrong earlier in the century, World War II was the Great War.  To put that in perspective, just wipe the city of Miami, Florida off the map.  That is how many Americans died just for the concept that all men deserve to be free.  Hitler and Japan got out of hand and we didn't want to get involved, we were glad to build war machines for
our allies and make money until Japan poked us in the chest.  It was coming, but now obvious we
will have to enter the war and save the world from becoming slaves of a new form of socialism, a national democratic socialism that was sweeping Europe for a few decades. 

Our great uncles and great grandfathers fought to the death in places called Okinawa, the Ardennes
, Sicily, Palermo, Iwo Jima, Kasserine, and Tunisia.  They fought hard and to the death.  They fought
with hope of reinforcements and with knives when the ammo ran out.  The Germans called our Marines; devil dogs.  And in the lifetime since then, those men came back and perhaps too relaxed,
let freedom start to slip away at home.  Perhaps, they saw enough fighting and had enough.  Many of the younger ones would have to turn around in a few years and head out to Korea to try to stop the spread of communism.  They did.  To this day South Korea remains free.

For reasons I will not bother to outline again their great grand children are now starting to vote for the first few times in their lives and we are seeing the full affect of a teachers union loaded with progressives who have transformed the process of indoctrinization or Americanization of children from waving the flag and carrying on the torch, to one of socialization and the blind acceptance of a conceptual New World Order where everything is peaches and cream.  No one needs a gun to be free and everyone has a home, food, and health care.  You don't have to work unless you want to.

 If you vote  are younger than thirty and vote democrat or call yourself liberal or progressive
then for the sake of your forefathers re-evaluate and talk to your parents or elders and seek out other sources of knowledge.  The truth is you have been lied to and are the voting Manchurian candidate.

If you are a conservative, its time think more like a libertarian and remember a society will never be in your image or the image of your God.  We are a society of many races and religions that must compromise or fail.  Remember abortion for example, should not even be a national issue,  the Constitution supports that abortion should be a State issue, yet the Constitution has been hi-jacked.
You need to push for fixing the hole in the pipe before you choose what new faucet goes on the sink.

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