Friday, November 8, 2013

Open Letter to the RNC

November 8, 2013

Mr. Reince Priebus
Chairman, Republican National Committee
310 1st Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003

Dear Chairman Priebus,

On behalf of millions of Tea Party members that are fully wanting to support the Republic party in 2014, I am writing in support of the RNC making it known that we will not blindly support Republican candidates in the 2014 election.

The following is a comprehensive list of the current members of Congress we will be targeting for the 2014 elections:

L. Alexander, M. Begich, S. Collins, C. Coons, J. Corynyn, R. Durbin, A. Franken, L. Graham,
K. Hagan, T. Harkin, M. Landreiu, J. McCain, M. McConnell, J. Merkley, M. Pryor, J. Reed,
J. Rockefeller, J. Shaheen, T. Udall, M. Udall, M. Warner

Since 2008, the RNC has tried to minimize our input and our significance. We will have you know we are the voting base of this party and regardless of neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, stays the Tea Party from the swift execution of our voice and vote.  We will not be silenced by mockery, by media, or by RNC.  It is time the RNC start focusing on the U.S. Constitution and less on compromise and alternative offers.  It is not the job of the People to offer alternatives to communist programming.  The alternative should always be a simple "Yes, our alliterative was written more over two centuries ago." followed by an offer to translate the Constitution.

Yet the Republican Party would rather shave a bit of Constitution here and there just for the re-election of a candidate.  We say enough and if it contuse, we say Good-day, Sir.  Gun Control and now Health Care have been high-jacked by the progressives and weaseled under the guise of commerce to render the Bill of Rights obsolete. Make no mistake, the first government officials to knock on doors for the purpose of taking weapons will end up casualties caused by the bitter stench of familiarity of the two majority political parties in this Nation.  Their blood may be on the Peoples porches, but it will be on the government's hands

On Immigration, the RNC is eager to formulate an alternative and compromise rather than simple stand by the fact that the U.S. has had, does have, and always will have the most generous immigration policy in the world.  It has worked for 235 years.  It takes times for people of other cultures to acclimate to becoming American.  There is no reason they cannot come here legally and put in the time and effort to show they are worthy of being a member of this great society.  Yet, the democrats want to expand their voting base and the RNC is afraid to just give away 35 million potential voters that the rest of America is already positive will never, in a majority, support the Republican platform.

The time has come to take a copy of the Constitution and roll it up and start slamming it down on the desks of progressives  If you slam it hard enough with great effort and consistency it will ring out like thunder.  Gun Control, Education, and Abortion should be issues handled by the several States, not by DC. Immigration simply needs to have the current laws enforced.

Best Regards,

Every non-progressive that is not a politician

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