Thursday, June 27, 2013

John Boehner to start in the new movie THE METRICS

Move over NEO!!  The Matrix..err metrics is back and better than ever!

As usual it seems the U.S. Congress needs a little encouragement, yes?  I have decided to offer my expertise with this immigration fiasco.  My particular expertise is in calling bullshit when I see it.  Democrats want to extend their voter base and Republicans want to stop this.  Republicans might want to help some friends with a cheap labor pool and so Democrats are exploiting this.  Thus you see the Speaker selling out and Rubio, etc.

On Hannity some democrat was indicating the bill hasn't passed because they cannot agree on the metrics to measure the desired outcomes.  So without further ado here is simplified immigration and border security reform.

First, build the 720 miles already promised.

Was it built, is it monitored ?   If Yes >>>>

Allow 180 days for all illegal immigrants to begin the normal application for citizenship.

All accepted to begin citizenship get the proper permits needed to stay and work.

After 180 days ICE and local authorities begin the immediate deportation of all remaining persons in the country illegally while the remaining border it built.  Border states will have direct deportation power.

Citizens will be given a $250 reward for every illegal citizen they report that ends up begin deported.

The border states will appoint a non-political, non-paid,bi-partisan committee to determine if their portion of the border is secured.

The border bill will be passed with no PORK, no amendments, take it or leave it.

As an option, Congress may designate a national "Politicians are Worthless" day.

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