Friday, June 28, 2013

Slavery Started by a African-American

So I was listening to Glenn Beck this morning and heard that the first slave owner in America was a black man.  I used the magical power of google to figure out the name of this man...Anthony Johnson.  Apparently Johnson arrived in 1621 to the colony of Virginia.  He was from Angola and a neighboring tribe captured him and sold him to a Dutch company, later called slave traders, but kind of just indentured servant traders for the time being (rolls eyes).  He was traded for money and thus became indentured.  After his terms of service expired he was a freeman.  Eventually he became a huge plantation owner and had his own indentured servants.  Apparently he paid for one and was told the service was for life and when someone else claimed after a certain time the servant owed them time in service as well, the Virginia courts along with an Anthony Johnson were responsible for the first American slave.  

In summary, a African-American started slavery after African-Africans through a partnership with a Dutch company supplied slaves to the English colony of Virginia.

And now for your entertainment, a little satire:

In the interest of social justice, I propose that an executive order should be issued to direct the IRS to fine all African-Americans as reparation for causing slavery.

For more information on some amazing African-American history download the following free books from google books.

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