Friday, June 28, 2013

The real threat to America

The federal government is out of control, from outside the bubble of the beltway there is every indication that they are becoming increasingly hostile to the people and our freedoms and the government seemingly has preparations in place to seize our only means of defense, take our property, use policy to economically destroy us, and manipulate markets to make commodities such as fuel and food scare until we are complacent.

Honest patriotic Americans are talking about it and preparing for a civil war to soon erupt.  The government for years has only inflamed those fears daily with NSA spying, IRS election destruction, DHS ammunition purchases, authorizing due process-free drone killings of Americans, drones spying on Americans, and a series of impeachable lies that are never tried.  Since the beginning of the 20th century the liberals and socialists, collectively known as the Democratic Party, have put us on a destructive path of entitlement and spending designed for the end-game of turning the U.S. into a socialist nation.

The threat to America is not terrorists or any foreign power,  it is the individuals and agencies in the District of Columbia that we collectively call the Federal Government and the socialist-democratic elitists.  Joe McCarthy was on the right track to an extent in the fact that the socialist are a threat to this nation, but he never had to search farther than the district for the enemies of the state.  Yet this current government has pushed our buttons too many times and we are irritated and not willing to become a socialist nation.  The federal government must stop this now before civil war erupts.  If Congress, the Executive, or the Court thinks they will take our guns and let the government enslave the people they are sorely mistaken. 

You can legislate and rule all you want, but the truth is the government has no right to make any gun laws based on the reading on our Constitution.  As long as the weapons are of similar technology to what a soldier would normally be issued.  That means automatic weapons, that means licenses to build and sell weapons and ammunition.  Do you understand what I am saying?   You do not have the Constitutional right to "interpret" the Constitution and any court ruling that does is on its face invalid.

The truth is all most federal gun laws and even all abortion laws are unconstitutional and should be vigorously challenged in court and loudly protested until the government and or courts response accordingly and honor the social agreement that created this republic.  The Constitution is a social contract between the people to form a national government for our republic and the government has become the enemy of the people and a monster out of control.  The people will decide when the contract is null and void because it is a contract created by and amongst men.  The Constitution is merely a framework for the design of a corporation for the daily organization and coordination of the many states of the republic.  Lincoln violated this social contract when he declared war against the states that succeeded from this union. 

The end of the federal government taking our freedom, lying, and cheating the American people must come to an abrupt halt.  Liberals, moderates, and conservatives must work together to restore freedom and liberty and secure this nation from radical socialists and self-aggrandizing politicians. 
I implore you to cast aside thoughts of party and use your vote to wisely remove anyone that supported the Affordable Care Act and its mandates and fines, gun control legislation, or abortion legislation; as they do not stand for a free America.

Before you begin to attempt to judge let me put this forth.  I have not owned a gun for over 20 years.
I believe in my heart abortion is murder.  I have Medicare for insurance.  I am a conservative libertarian.  I believe in making health care available to those that need it through Medicaid and food stamps to feed those in need.  I offer this information only so those that may read this know that I believe that we can be above party politics and put securing freedom and liberty for fellow citizens and our posterity above our own needs and beliefs.

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