Friday, June 28, 2013

Lets Play Juror!

As an intern years ago, I was a defense investigator working for a state public defenders office.   I know charges in cases like this are always set hard and heavy in an attempt to force plea deals and avoid trials.  This case at most should have came to trial as a 2nd degree murder, but in reality from what I heard of the evidence and the testimony a grand jury system should never have made an indictment.  Let me explain what I understand to be facts:

  • A teenager named Trayvon was killed
  • A neighborhood watch member Zimmerman admits to the killing.
  • Zimmerman has a huge wound on the back of his head.
  • eye witness  indicates Trayvon straddled across the chest of Zimmerman
  • eye wtiness indicates it appeared Trayvon was punching down repeatedly toward Zimmerman
  • eye witness indicates hearing Zimmerman screams
  • Jeantel testifies Martin being followed by a man  and verbally confronting
  • Jeantel soon heard a bump and a noise like wet grass and Martin saying "get off, get off"
  • Police did document the defendant's backside to be very wet and covered with grass

So far that is what we know and the only information a jury can use to convict

Anyone can take that information in their mind and using logic convict Zimmerman is lying to themselves.

Hear is the scenario that immediately came to my mind after seeing these facts.

Zimmerman sees Martin walking and looks like a prowler/ burglar to him.  Zimmerman confronts verbally after walking briskly to catch up and inquiries to the reason for his presence,  Trayvon verbally confronts and then continues walking while Zimmerman grabs him causing Martin to yell "get off get off" as the phone drops to the ground.  Melee ensues with Martin getting the best of Zimmerman and ends up in a dominant position punching Zimmerman repeatedly probably as a defense of himself feeling attacked by Zimmerman.  Zimmerman wounds indicate a severe beating resulting in fear for life and pulls out his weapon and kills Trayvon Martin.

Had Zimmerman not have been subjected to life in a high crime area and be a man of poor temper, I believe Trayvon Martin would be alive today.  However, Zimmerman is not guilty of murder or man slaughter because in the end he broke no law by confronting Martin and he broke no law in defending his life.  An unfortunate set of circumstances placed a street tough teen and a hot headed old man on a path of confrontation and that teen kicked the every living crap out of him so bad that the old man finally shot him.

Now before anyone starts rioting and burning down their own neighborhood

*cough* *cough* Rodney King riots *

Zimmerman is not white. 

Martin is not white.  

Don't be yelling foul to white America about racism when Zimmerman is found innocent.
Blame the fucking state-run CNN for even putting this case in the news.  It is not even a story.
Should have been in the local paper and local news.  For fucks sake their is a teen girl that went missing here 3 or 4 weeks ago...just POOF.   Is that on CNN ????  NO. And she might be alive
somewhere no amount of CNN coverage could bring Martin home alive.

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