Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Apple before my cart

I have been listening to Rush Limbaugh since 1989 when I was a junior in high school.  I was already a huge fan of Reagan and his no nonsense conservative values.  I adored Rush and his wisdom so much I now have a B.A. in political science after starting off declaring as a physics major.  I have never really had the need to speak to Rush on the show because frankly we agree on everything and he doesn't need a caller to come on and say "keep up the good work". 

Now my mom just retired this year and told me she wants an Apple iPad for Christmas.  The first thing that I thought of was wow I better start saving now it will take me at least until December to save enough for one.  My second thought was I'll get her a Kindle because mostly she will read books, but you know the iPad is an all around machine with apps and checking email etc.  So I am listening to Rush
today and its of course Open Line Friday where Rush takes calls and lets us talk about anything under the sun.  I am listening and sweeping my kitchen floor and I hear him talking about the iPad and he gives one away.

So my ears perk up and the light bulb comes on.  I hit the computer find the number to call the show and to my surprise...busy signal.  Try again...busy signal.  I gave up after a while.  Figured it would be awkward anyways.  "Hey Rush your a God and my only hero ever, can I have an iPad for my sweet mom because Obama has put me in the poor house".  Its like calling your idol and saying , "Glad to meet you I am a complete loser".  It is sad commentary on my own values that I was willing to have the first contact with the Great One for my own selfish agenda.  Now I know how dirty politicians must feel when they sell their souls for an election.

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