Saturday, October 12, 2013

Americans need to be more "level" headed

First let me say for transparency that I am a citizen of the United States of America, a citizen of the State of Ohio, a Patriot, and a Libertarian.  I have family and friends that are vary from crazy liberal to hard-core conservative to very Christian conservative.  I myself lean very conservative and Christian as well.  You may be asking how can I be Conservative, Christian, and Libertarian all at the same time without living a lie.  It is not as magical and mysterious as one might think.  Let me start by explaining my views about the federal government.  I believe the federal government has four objectives:

The federal government's first objective is to establish a system of justice which will provide a method to end disputes between the States and also disputes between the States and the Federal Government.  Also because the U.S. Constitution provides for the recognition of the rights of the people, the justice system must also address cases that protect these rights.

The second objective is to provide for the Common Defense of all the States and ergo the citizens of the States.  We have done this by establishing a standing Army (all the Armed Forces) and also making a unique National Guard and Military Reserves system which provides additional manpower if needed. 

The third objective is to promote the General Welfare.  There is a lot of argument about the meaning of this term.  Some believe the Founding Fathers wanted the federal government to spend money on health care because of this clause.  To those people I call Bull Shit.  Article I, Section 8 gives Congress the power to lay and collect taxes for the purposes of paying the debt and providing for the common defense and general welfare.  Only in the mind of liberals like Obama is Health care a tax.

The fourth objective is to secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.  This means guarding the freedoms in the Bill of Rights so that we may forever have liberty for ourselves and our future generations.  It also means don't capitulate to foreign powers or give away our autonomy through treaties such as NAFTA  or to organizations such as the United Nations.

The Constitution then lays out the rules and the framework for achieving these four objectives. Let us now get into how I think ideologically and how I sleep well at night.  I will just use some example issues.


The federal government has no Constitutional authority to prevent a woman from the freedom to choose what happens to her body.  The federal government has no Constitutional authority to determine pre-birth when a fetus becomes a human.  I know my Catholic friends just started praying for my damned soul.  I will fight side-by-side with any Pro-Life leftist against the federal government attempting to regulate or lay any policy on these issues because I believe to not do so is to allow all liberties to slowly slip away.  That being said, since the Constitution does not grant these powers to the federal government, this issue is clearly the domain of the individual States.

As a Christian and citizen of the State of Ohio, I will fight for all anti-abortion legislation because I just cannot justify the murder of a child and I personally believe live begins at conception.  I do not find any conflict in how I treat this issue completely differently depending on the level of government involved in the legislation.  I find it the only proper way to act in an appropriate and responsible manner as a citizen in a Republic.


I still cannot believe that President Reagan and Speaker O'Neill never responded to my petition to fill the damn pothole at the end of my driveway when I was growing up.  I recall more than a few bicycle wrecks and scraped knees due to that evil obstruction.  Similarly, Governor Rhodes failed to take up my cause.  As an adult, I realize that my local Township has a Board of Trustees more than willing to fill in the pot-hole if I go to the monthly meeting and give them a speech and my patented "I know where you live" look.   Just another example of the right solution being appropriate for the right level of government.


What part do people not understand about "shall not be infringed"?  Does that mean outlaw certain guns?  Does that mean regulate how many rounds a magazine can hold?  No and more no.  It means HANDS OFF.  The federal government, who by the way has a standing army, has no Constitutional power to infringe on my right to "keep" (own and have possession of) and "bear' (carry on my person) arms.   If you accept that all these federal laws are legitimate you are a fool.  The Supreme Court of the United States that does not regret these laws prima facie are liars, traitor, and fools.  Gun Control is an issue for the States and lower level governments.  That being said, I believe any level of government that puts any restrictions on where guns may be carried is asking for mass killings.  Also any government that does not make sure a crazy person cannot legally get a gun is also crazy.  Now am I against the federal government maintaining a database for the States to use for background checks? Not at all.  The federal government does have access to nationwide criminal records and since people migrate, it would be helpful.  Make the database and charge the states for access and that charge can be passed on the purchaser.

Many other issues such as legality of drugs, health care, welfare programs, etc. should all be state-level issues.  For me this is why I am vehemently opposed to any federal legislation on these issues.  I certainly don't want people starving or dying from lack of health care, but even more important to me is my liberty and checking the power of a vast massive government that cannot balance a checking account and holds a standing army.  A government by the way known to selectively discriminate, prosecute, help rig elections, kill citizens without due process, abandon military members overseas, lie, spy, and cheat.

Be for liberty when you should.  Be Christian when you should.  You can do both without offending either.  Just follow what the Constitution tells you and everything else will fall into place.

God Bless America.

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