Sunday, October 6, 2013

Challenging the false liberal sense of entitlement

The nature of humans is to want.  We are born with a sense of entitlement crying from birth demanding to be comforted by our mother.  Continuing on through childhood we cry when we are hungry or scared, demanding immediate attention.  The newest of parents run immediately to stop the crying thus reinforcing the entitlement no-strings attached, feeling good in the skill of their parenting.
It is about age four that grandmother takes over and corrects this feeling of entitlement by letting them cry and stand on their own feet.

The evil that runs through that woman is infuriating to both child and mother.  How can she do this to poor lil Barry?  Well experience taught her while it may be difficult for her to stop every instinct to comfort the boy time and again it is for his own good that she stand back and let him gain self-reliance, a healthy and truthful viewpoint of the big world in which he will soon be navigating alone.
Offering entitlements whether as a mother or as lil Barry's favorite Uncle Samuel has consequences for the boy and for the rest of society.

Soon Barry will be proudly getting on the school bus for the first time learning he may not be entitled to sit in the seat he wants.  The mean older boys in the back hold him off with just a scowling glare.
The teachers always reinforced the independence and individualism of young children when we grew up.  Over the past few generations there has been a revolution in public education.  You see while Joe, Senator Joe McCarthy hunted for the red infiltrators in Hollywood that were poisoning our cinemas, they fled and hid throughout the outskirts of our society. 

The teachers union is one of the hiding spots of the progressive and through their collective power to influence government they have firmly entrenched themselves so much that for thirty years they have turned from the government goal of developing good Americans and indoctrinating the young ones to our cherished rights and ideals to developing young socialists demanding entitlements like the Bolsheviks that tore down the agriculture power of Russia turning demands for entitlement into a virtual house of slavery extending from Stalingrad all the way to the Berlin wall.

Now CommonCore...the "common" core is in place.  A virtual guide to being a good "com"rade.
You won't find anything about Jesus in this common core only the unproven evolutionary theories
of Darwin and extensive attempts by scholars to prove his theories.  It is common to learn of unproven sciences like global warming and the evils of men, the goodness of mother nature, and the Constitutional right of Equity while we learn how the old white rich men that founded this great nation mistakenly added a 2nd Amendment and forget the 1st Amendment should apply to only those
that agree with the "common" group think.

In groves, responsible Americans began a homeschooling revolution since the 1970s.   It is no wonder homeschooling has enjoyed a 20% annual growth rate in some years and these students outperform their public school piers by a staggering 37% on standardized testing.  Americans do not
want schools taught by under performing socialists brainwashing their children into not being exceptional and that the government is the only parent they need.  Public schooling, like all governmental institutions has become intrusive and homeschooling is the solution.  Teachers spend much more time on a daily basis with children offering a chance to overwhelming influence a child. 

We all know the saying that one who is young an conservative has no heart and one who is old and liberal has no brain.  This saying while always holding some truth has become a virtual fact thanks
to the federal Department of Education.  The truth in this statement speaks volumes of what it means to live in a society and the balancing of desires and realistic outcomes.  We all have heartfelt compassion for the elderly, sick, and hungry. Not a person I know wants a child to go without medicine or food.  The sadness of seeing a child in need is enough to break any one's heart.  That being said as we are older we realize our obligations to ensure the survival of the society outweighs our obligations to ensure the survival of the individual.  Spock would agree, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.".

More importantly, I do not believe that liberals and conservatives are on the same understanding as to the roles of government.  The Constitution clearly outlines the simple reason we formed a common government:

Establish Justice
Don't oppress the minority, the weak, the individual, protect all parties equally.

Insure Domestic Tranquility
Regulating the relationships between the States.

Common Defence
 Over 35 States have either directly border another nation or an ocean.  These states are in danger
and in need of defense more so than others.  Thou the danger may be in different degrees, it is common.

 Promote the General Welfare
The importance of the collective and permanent welfare of the country relies on the succession
of measures which have a long-term operation beyond the normal terms for elected officials, or in the case of the professional legislator, perhaps not.  The remedy is for the legislature to define additional
bodies that remain regardless of elected officials.  Enter the bureaucracy.  The most essential of these are the Cabinet level departments.

Secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity
Keep liberty for ourselves and future generations.  Our emotions of a child's death or witnessing a flag burning, must not influence our desires to protect and pass-on liberty.

Two days ago Hannity held a college student forum and bless her misguided socialist heart, this young progressive from Penn State would not give Sean a number when he asked at what percentage does tax become too much.  She suggested if we get the benefits from it 100% is fine.  What?????

Any nation that is one of excessive entitlement is doomed to implode.  To illustrate the problem, we
will use the Penn State suggestion that every American give 100% of their pay to the government.  We will ignore the obvious problems with this notion such as no incentives, etc.

Now the government will have to provide us with everything we need.  Transport, Food, Clothing,
Furniture, Housing, Medicine, Burial, etc.  Everything we need to survive, forget living, we are in a survival only mode as slaves to the government.  At any time if we have more people out of work than are working we are immediately in trouble.  Our payable exceed our receivables.  That is we give away more in entitlements than we receive in taxes.  Policy must change, if you are not working you will be restricted access to certain entitlements. Immediately the desire for equity and equality of economics has eroded the society and jealously and anger appears.  Now the government must quell the tide of impending violence and becomes a police state.  Apathy and rebellion occurs, but the government took our weapons because they knew for a fact this would occur thirty years ago and planned for it.  A scapegoat is developed, Jews always work well.  Next phase is we begin genocide.

If you think this is bullshit you never read about the revolutions in Russia.  Clearly their sense of entitlement is highly distorted and they are long on opinions and short on work history.  The Democrat party knows the math and the problem with entitlements which is not being exacerbated by the baby boomer generation retiring.  This generation is much larger than any that follows which means the entitled versus worker ratio is scheduled to take a nose dive.  The Democrats plan to hide the stupidity of their past 30 years of giving away the kitchen sink, is to grant citizenship to between 11 and 30 million illegal immigrants and thus balance out that ratio.  The Democrats are long known to be heavily racists and
have no desire but to exploit the illegal immigrant work for to their own ends by dangling citizenship.

For most of us we believe the government should simply:

  1. Protect us from invasion and administer foreign policy
  2. Build our inter-state infrastructure
  3. Promote tranquility between states so we may interact with uniformity in business and legal matters.
  4. Collect taxes needed to perform these functions; award the excess as bonuses to discourage the common practice of self-expanding bureaucracy.

No reason for HUD, Social Security, Health care, flying to Mars.  Americans that take home 95% of their pay will more than take care of those in need of food, shelter, and medicine through charities.  I remember my first job after graduating college. I immediately began giving 5% to the UnitedWay each pay.  Like most people, I was and still am sure the UnitedWay can do more with a dollar than the federal government.

Young Americans take the time to visit your elders in nursing homes you will gleam a wonderful picture of the greatness of America and how our country used to be and needs to be again.  Tell them the truth about what you think about entitlements, abortion, feeding the children, and free health care.  They won't bite or be mean, but they will surprise you with how they already know that
you can only do so much for others in society before you have to let them do for themselves.

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