Monday, October 28, 2013

Driving Tax: Driving middle income into poverty

Fox news reported today more states are considering implementing driving taxes along with black box devices that sit on the dashboard and use Wi-Fi to send data which will show when and where you drive you car.  Who is the world of crack-smoking liberals thought to themselves this is a fantastic idea to save the planet and that the government will never use all that information for anything nefarious.

There already exists a "driving tax".  It is called a fuel tax.  It knows exactly how far you drive because when you have used it all, you need to buy more.; If this new driving tax was about revenue, then this fuel tax would just be increased. The result of additional driving related taxation; will be yet another liberal attack on the middle class. Lower middle class family back into the city to make use of public transportation which has long been used to keep the inner-city enslaved in poverty. The Journal of Urban Economics, published a paper written by Glasser, "Why do the poor live in cities? The role of public transportation." in which he described how "the urbanization of poverty comes mainly from better access to public transportation in central cities.".1

The fact is fuel tax or a driving tax is just a tool to regulate the level of income the government wishes to force into the urban landscape.  Any "black box" program regardless of what reason given is just another way to assume control of the people under the guise of other reasons.  It needs to be wholly rejected on constitutional principles by every American as well as an increase or creation of any transportation related taxation.

1 Glaeser, Edward L., Matthew E. Kahn, and Jordan Rappaport. 2008. Why do the poor live in cities? The role of public transportation. Journal of Urban Economics 63, no. 1: 1-24. Accessed: October 28, 2013 11:16:15 AM EDT URL:

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