Monday, October 21, 2013

Presidential Infomercial proves roses really smell like poo-oo-ooo

That's right folks, the product is good, good, good AND the prices are good, good, good!!!  It's a good deal.

Three times over the course of the President's "press conference" the talking points where repeat to sell the product.  The product is good.  The price is good.  It's a good deal.  Of course the President did this surround by people that supposedly benefited from the PPACA.  I am positive it couldn't have been any patients or doctors.  Perhaps they were from Wall Street or large mutual.

I mentioned in another post how the government has locked down access to any hard data mining of statistics on the website likely to stop the laughter of the RNC; yet the President claims much of the failure has been because of the overwhelming number of people visiting the website.  Proudly boasting of the "thousands" (313+ million population) already signed up and the 20 million website visitors. 

I don't want to call the President a liar, but I will say he is a liar.  The estimated monthly traffic for over the past thirty days is only 4,439,500.1   Granted this is an estimated metric, but I highly doubt they are off by so between 75% and infinity. As far as unique visitors which means not someone at home visiting over and over and over; only received 829,417 visits. 2

What we can gleam Alexa's web analytics is that has enjoyed 41% decline in visits from search engines over the past three months.  Also that their is likely either a government or grassroots campaign on Facebook which is in full swing to push people to sign up.  Mr. President please listen to your fellow infomercial icon, Susan Powter, and just STOP THE INSANITY!  The number of visitors to the site are not overwhelming; in fact, they are appalling which is why you are in the rose garden pedaling your The Affordable Care Act like George Foreman selling his grills.

One would think with such an important sales presentation, the President would focus on using proper English.  "More better" is only correctly used if following by the word "Blues" and even then it should properly be "Mo better blues".  I guess liberals only cringe at language errors made by oil-drilling Presidents.  I do wonder was there an APPLAUSE sign next to the teleprompter today?  I do not know why people would clan when you were so happy that young people could stay on their parents plans until the age of twenty-six.  Is that because you know it is going to take those people an average of 8 years to find full-time employment now that the PPACA is enacted?  No parent wants a child living in their basement eating Cheetos after smoking a bowl at 2am.  That is not drive nor success.

Why would you mention Oregon already added 56,000 more people to Medicaid because of the PPACA?  Are you proud of yourself that 56,000 people cannot find meaningful and well paying jobs under your administration?  To make matters worse you went back to an old lie proven horrible wrong and that is that for most Americans, 6 out of 10 by your implication, will pay less a month for insurance premiums than the cost of a cell phone of cable television.  Why haven't you sold the plan based on the economic advantages of the low deductibles.  I have heard of deductibles as high as $24,000 with a $6,000 annual premium for one family.  That is a $500 cell phone bill and one major surgery before their coverage even kicks in.

The President made himself into a jester today.  Juggling and entertaining the dumb while selling a horrible product.  Give it another month and he will be giving out free toasters for every knew application and a chance to win a free houses.


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