Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Open Letter to The President

Mr. President.

This is America.  This is not Benghazi.  You cannot discard citizens here and hope
your problems remain covered.  The fact is your time as tyrant is coming to an end in
2016, at the very latest.  You will not be the one to take our liberty.  Not by any means
be it legislation, dictation of executive order, or by force.  We saw you blink when you
sent the riot police out in a pathetic attempt to scare of protesting veterans.  We also
saw the videos and the fear in their eyes.  We know you have built an army of “agents”
with over a billions of rounds of ammunition to circumvent the posse comitatus act;
we don’t care.  If we cannot live free then we will die free.

You are a communist and have been all your life.  It was not that many years ago your
party as outlawed by the U.S. Congress for good reason.  You are deceptive and full of
radical ideas about equity and equality.  Some wonder if you are truly American and even
have the right to be President.  I can assure you, you may have been born in America,
but you are anything but American.  You are the new red scare.  You legislate to overload
the government with debt and destroy jobs to force Americans to seek help from the
very covered that caused their needs.

We are watching you and waiting your next move.  Our patience, if needed, can well
outlast your Presidency.  In 2014, God willing people will realize regardless of desires,
media spin, or money spent; that Democrats must be removed from the House and
Senate so we can repeal the PPACA.  Our government threatens to destroy the future
for our children with bad fiscal policy; but PPACA is so fiscally irresponsible it threatens
the future of the entire Nation.

Social programs are an issue that should be dealt with by the States.  To mask social
programs as a constitutional tax is offensive to the foundation and principles of the
Republic.  The Supreme Court of The United States of America as branch of government
is as complicit as you at destroying this nation from within. 

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