Thursday, November 6, 2008

An American

I did not vote for him. I do not like him. I do not like his policies. I cry thinking about what damage he will do and how off course this democracy had gone. I know the end is near. This
generation of next will see a revolution in this country. Hopefully one of ideas and restoring the
principles of the Constitution. All too often we think of specificity and focus on the minutia of the wording rather than the grandness of the whole.

The idea of our constitution is simple. Make people safe. This is truly the only job of a government. It must start with external safety, please keep our enemies at bay. Then internal safety, provide us with laws, not to limit our freedoms, but to limit me taking freedoms from another. The murdered are no longer free, so punish the killer. Leave speculation and diversity of controversial ideas lie. No one that is not omnipotent can say when a sperm and egg become a child and when abortion is then murder. That is not to be legislated...that is to be prayed for.
My views are my God will do one of two things if they disapprove. God will smite the wrongdoer or God will wait patiently for them to pass then deal with them for breaking a coventant with God. Either way I am not a God, you are not a God, a collective of indivduals making policy is not a God. This is all goverment needs to do. . . protect freedoms. Is there any other reason mankind needs a government?

Do we need government to give us things? What does a government have to give that it has not already taken from its people? Every government program that distributes or offers services is socialist in the end. What about welfare and food programs? There are many non-governmental agencies and charities that do wonderful work and get many volunteers and money from donations without government involvement. Perhaps when they cannot meet needs or distribution is too great a burden the government should make a program to help.
The problem is once a bureacracy is created it is like the fat kid that cannot stop eating and it feeds on money. The agency will be sure to use all its budget for if it does, it will likely earn more of a budget the next fiscal cycle, and if it fails to spend it all, the budge will be reduced.

It is not like conservatives think everyone is lazy and needs to work. I know first hand having missed six months of work in the past two years, that sometimes only the government can offer a helping hand that is needed. There must be larger goals for agencies. There is a chinese proverb: “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime”.
It is not enough to feed the poor daily, teach them to feed themselves. Do they need mental health coverage? Do they need job skills? Would a government agency designed to help find people the local help they need be better than one that just writes them checks or provides them vouchers for food? Can it do both so the residavism rate of those on the public dole are lowered?

I would give 25% of my pay in taxes if I knew 80% of it was helping to feed and clothe children and make a change in what their futures would be. Most Americans are generous and have good hearts. We send more aid money overseas than any other nation, not because we are so prosperous, 95% of us are never going to be rich. Heck if I lose my job, I have no savings and really do live payday to payday. I'm a heartbeat away from being one in me.
But is it the job of the government. Do they even have a right to do this? Is income tax even a just way to raise revenue? Supreme Court said it was not. Congress amended the constitution after the Supreme Court ruled against the Supreme Court can have no opinion.

My income is not PROFIT. Do not tax my income. My income is a fair market exchange of my time and labor for cash I need to survive. I traded one thing for another and therefore gained nothing. How can this legally be considered income? We know 3 states that have no income tax have the strongest economies of the 50 U.S. States. Why does our federal government not follow suit? We do not make them. We are apethetic and or cowardly. We does a district not recall their Congressman when he votes horribly. It would not be that hard to do. It would only have to happpen a few times for them to realize they are really a public servant and if they are not serving they are being served.

If Obama wants to prove he is this great beacon of change then eliminate the income tax, disolve the IRS, and make some real changes because making a "real change" doesn't mean doing magic tricks and making money disappear from my wallet. I give him one year before my taxes have doubled or he rescinds on all campaign promises and does not implement anything he talked about. He can't have it both ways. His plans will cost $3 trillion a year and lowering taxes has never raised a big pile of money.

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