Thursday, November 6, 2008

Signs Signs Everywhere Signs!!

Okay. So I am reading the NY Times online because I just can't get enough liberalism in my life. It they made liberal cereal with little marshmallows I would be so happy. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran congratulated Barack Obama on his victory...and HE MEANS IT!!!.

This asswipe Persian whom thinks no Jews died at Nazi hands was also one of the terrorists whom help Americans hostage while that Naval Academcy graduate liberal spinless jellfish named Carter sat around and saw how many fingers he could shove up his prestine soon to be shiny with a Nobel Peace Prize ass.

Thank God a real leader name Ronald Reagan took office and made it clear after his election that they had until about January 20th to release them or a whole world of shit was coming there way.

Trivia Time: Hey America how do you know you screwed up royal?

Answer: When a terrorist become President congratulates your selection in the 2008 Elections.

We have to collectively be the most stupid sheep on this planet..truly.


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