Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The End

As Jim Morrison would say, "this is the end my friend". Last night I witnessed the reason the founding fathers attempted to protect us from popularity contests. They feared the masses and how easily they are swayed. Over the past two years, the citizens of the United States allowed its very liberal media to create a larger than life comic book hero out of a candidate with very little accomplishment to warrant such fame. One must wonder with the destruction of the most famous plumber in America for asking a simple question, then the mockery he endured at this man's hands...what were the people thinking. For this reason alone, the man is not fit to be my President. There are others I loathed such as President Clinton...but after the election he was my President. This man is a social democrat. Yes, he is a socialist. We have fought against his kind since the end of the Great War, has been given the keys to the White House. The blame for his insurgency into Washington, D.C. lay with our media. Leads were ignored. Questions not asked. Videos suppressed. What happened to seeking the truth and reporting, not editorializing, the news. Mr. Obama, Why were you a member of the New Party? Mr. Obama, shortly after you announced your candidacy the New Party took down its website leaving only a front page, just two years ago; the internet archive shows it having over 180 web pages. Was there a cover-up to prevent Americans from learning about the party’s politics and your involvement? Mr. Obama, are you aware that documents found on archived versions of the New Party website indicate it was created by the same people that created the ACORN website? Mr. Obama, why did you lie to the American people and decline public financing? Mr. Obama, why did you lie about your father? You said he participated in World Wart II and was a farmer, but he was neither. Mr. Obama, why did you say you would cut taxes for families making under a quarter million dollars a year, and then begin lowering that amount? Mr. Obama, did you know 95% of America makes less than $250,000 a year? Mr. Obama, if you cut these taxes, how will you pay for the estimated $3.5 Trillion budget increase required by your campaign promises? Mr. Obama, now that there is no free market economy in the world, where can an ashamed American move in this world that is free? Mr. Obama, do you think that the millions of Americans that did not vote for you will simply accept you, knowing you could not look them in the face because they see you as the Great Divider? Mr., Obama, William Ayers, while making amends late in life, was a domestic terrorist. He once dedicated a book to Sirhan Sirhan, the man that killed Robert Kennedy. If someone killed you, would you hope William Ayers writes another book and dedicates it to your assassin? Mr. Obama, why would you raise capital gains taxes during an economic crisis? Why would you discourage job creation? Is your goal extending government dependency from beyond the low-income to the middle-income class in America? Mr. Obama, do you know that the divide in politic beliefs between conservatives and liberals runs so deep, that we laugh that the people in Massachusetts still elect a drunken man slaughterer to represent them in the Senate? These are the questions that needed asked by reporters then. Here is the question that needs asked now. Mr. Obama, do you know that you will never be My President? And to the sheep of America, you voted as revenge against Bush? Hate to tell you this; he was leaving no matter what. Obama's campaign did nothing but say McCain is more Bush. That was his entire campaign strategy. He worked you into a frenzy, just like Hitler used to work the Germans into a frenzy, but let me ask this of you. Was Jimmy Carter the same as Bill Clinton? Should I hate all democrats because Jimmy Carter was the worst President to ever step in the White House? What would Obama have done on September 11th? Gave a speech asking terrorists to "play fair and stop bombing us, we will share out wealth"?? George Bush never made me more proud to be an American when he said what we all wanted to say. We see you...we are coming to get you for doing are going to pay the price for this. He sent our boys overseas and sought revenge. Good for him...that was Presidential. Around the world they applauded the Obama election...this should send up big red warning signs to us. Name the last election you followed in another country. Name 20 political leaders and their parties from around the world. The socialists know. The socialists are creating a new world order; it has always been them working the system for the past century. Socialism is a world-wide movement. This is why they watched and cheered.Nice voting America. You undersold our heritage. You disgraced the 1.3 million men and women that died making sure you hate the right to be ignorant with your views and making their deaths pointless.

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