Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm cold so put on your coat

Maggie Fox at Reuters had an interesting article on Obama's plan for our healthcare system.

PriceWaterhouseCooper estimated his plan will cost tax-payers, not the 40 million that don't pay, but real tax-payers $75 billion the first year. It will however provide health insurance to 95% of Americans.

What they are really saying is half of America already has health insurance and a good bit of the non-insured will not have heathcare.

There are 47 million Americans and ILLEGALS that lack healthcare and this plan will only cover 66% of them leaving the remaining 15 million plus with no coverage. Not a very good solution, Karl must be burning in hell looking up with a very disapproving look on his face.

The good news is the estiamate a shortage or primary care physicians because people will stop becoming medical doctors and that the program costs, like anything implemented by the federal governemtn will become "unsustainably high".

As a bonus, another socialist from Montana, Senator Max Baucus, has unveiled a reform plan to require all Americans to carry healthcare. More government telling Americans what is good for them. Reminds me of a mother feeling cold on a nice fall day so she bundles her child up in winter-like clothing so he can run around outside sweating like its mid-summer. She may have the best of intentions, but just as she cannot use her body to judge that of a young active boy, the government, led by people, cannot use their experiences to make policy, they should try going to the people and asking.

There is no reason in this modern day that any member of Congress cannot have simple registration and polling systems on their websites to really get daily input from members of their constituency. I kind of laugh at the power driven naivity of our elected officials.


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