Thursday, November 6, 2008

Smell the Roses

Well I been meaning to explain socialism and why Obama is a socialist.The socialism I speak of is like what you see in Europe, called democratic socialism. Unlike workers uniting in a revolution, social democrats make their revolution silently and from within by infiltrating the political system through winning elections. Their long term goal it to put the means of production in the hands of the people rather than the state. They wish to transfer ownership of industries to the employees and thus loosen the grip of capitalism and creating an automatic stream of distribution to where it the hands of those that created it. It is no surprise that they advocate universal suffrage and strong labor unions because these are tools that empower them to press their agenda.

Early industrial America sees a paradigm shift from crazy Marxism toward democratic socialism in the 1930s and 1940s as the socialists were absorbed into the Democrat Party and became its radical arm. If you do not think this shift occurs please read this list below and think of how many of these political parties you are familiar with.

Socialist Labor Party
Socialist Party of America
Socialist Equality Party
Socialist party USA
Socialist Workers Party
Workers World Party
Working Families Party
New Party
Freedom Socialist Party
Freedom Road Socialist Organization
National Socialist Movement
New Union Party
Populist Party of America
Progressive Labor Party
Revolutionary Communist Party, USA
Socialist Action
Socialist Alternative
Workers Party USA
World Socialist Party of the United States
U.S. Labor Party
American Labor Party
Workers Party of the United States
American Workers Party
Communist League of America
Industrial Workers of the World

If you thought Vietnam protests were new or the first gathering of radicals, you would be wrong.World War I saw radical socialists anti-draft demonstrations all over the United States. Eugene Debs, papa Socialist in the United States, was sentenced to 10 years in prison under the Espionage Act. Totally wrong? Yes..but so funny. Two hundred Industrial Workers of the World leaders were arrested and tried..again wrong, but funny.

You see the Espionage Act had valid points like we saw in Iraq the past two years and in Vietnam.When we open our mouths so loud that around the world they know the people won't stand for a war much longer we put our soldiers in jeopardy and tell the enemy "hang on we will quit soon". So it had good intentions, but as the Supreme Court later said it should only be used in cases of "clear and present danger". Cannot believe I have to side with the socialists on that just because they deserve freedom, even though they don't believe I do.

The New Party is fascinating. They used to have this really active website with hundreds of pages talking about how they got Barack Obama elected to the Illinois Senate. It seems however when they had shined his shoes and got him all pretty for the big dance they decided to yank down everything from their website. You can find it on the Internet Archive. I even found a robots.txt file that search engines use to make links. I downloaded it being the uber geek and saw it reference the ACORN website. Turns out I heard on the new ACORN pretty much founded the New Party. Registration information is hidden, odd for a political group, but whatever.
I rather just have the socialist step out and get their RFID chips now so we can stop playing these shadow games. I mean at least shit stinks when we are around it. It would be so cruel and unfair if sometimes it smelled like pistachio ice cream or roses.

I love Wikipedia. "The New Party was a third political party in the United States". Was? Still is.Just folded back into the radical wing of the democrats like so many parties before it. Supposedly it was founded by Daniel Cantor, a former staffer for Jesse Jackson's 1988 campaign. On as side note,Jackson came to my college in 1990 I believe it was. Giving his "I suck bad" speech. I was a teaching assistant for a history professor and got to ask the man a question. Here it was:
Mr. Jackson, you are a reverend that has never had a church pulpit; a politician that has never held office.What makes you think you are qualified to be President?

He didn't bat an eye and just rambled on in. My mentor, whom I was the teaching assistant for, was not too pleased with my question...shit happens..but hey at least it smells like shit.

Meanwhile somewhere in another joke still talking.....

So in these archived New Party documents that Obamanation hid and the ONN - the Obama News Network never bothered to look at we find that certainly he is a socialist.
"We like unions. We like community organizations," declared Joel Rogers, chairman of the party's interim executive council. "We intend to use government to support those things and we're not embarrassed to say it." That sort of talk may be uncommon at a time when attacking government is the rage. But it has struck a chord and made the New Party what many believe to be the most successful progressive third-party initiative since the 1930s. See The Nation October 24, 1994 SECTION: Vol. 259 ; No. 13 ; Pg. 456; HEADLINE: Party's progress(

I thought this one funny.

The Democrats fool no one but themselves when they rhetorically claim an allegiance to manual laborers but then move heaven and earth for NAFTA and GATT. See New Party Time BY DANIEL CANTOR

The New Party found admits democrats are the reason for NAFTA...i.e. jobs being lost overseas...wait that was wait it as Clinton. Stupid SHEEP!! RIF - Reading is Fundamental. HOBP - Head Out of Butt Please

Anyway. You can read I hope.

One more thing notice the party names. progressive , union, labor. Don't think a rose
is always a rose because it smells all rosy..sometimes its just shit. Don't step in it.

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