Monday, July 22, 2013

Finding the true agenda behind Immigration Reform

The White house has published "The Benefits of Immigration Reform...Versus The Cost of Inaction"
( ). 

The Obama Administration continues its policy of turning a blind eye on employment issues.  The Administration is supporting immigration reform based on the idea that domestic production will
benefit from the larger labor force.  As of today, Gallup lists the national unemployment rate at 7.7%
with an underemployment rate of 17.7%. (  at the current population this represents a labor force of 22 million just waiting for job creation to occur since 2008 with another 33 million needing full-time work.   Immigration reform is on the table for a few reason, none of which are the economy.  President Obama again shows that he is out of touch with the policy decisions necessary to solved the unemployment dilemma.  Immigration reform distracts the public from the fact that Obama has completely failed at job creation.  This online advertisement flashes talking points again and again about new and young works as the miracle cure for our economic woes.

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