Thursday, July 18, 2013


The pride of every American must recoil at the disgraceful way and means taken by an Executive whom sports the audacity to claim the titular of Moral Caretaker while forcing unwanted and unnecessary unilateral policy change by using a often confused Congress or simply by circumvention of a Congress who inheritance and legacy is all but scattered to the winds from the foolish gift of Executive Orders. The Executive has broken his oath to the people when he symbolically shredded the Constitution with the Affordable Care Act. Nine people sit in judgment to prevent the government from preventing freedom and stealing liberty. Rather than simply judge the law, they place two parts in opposition in a pit with vipers and with a roll of a dice decide the winner and the fate of millions.
The Constitution is the rock that the wind of Court ruling just blow across and each day brings a new breeze.

The democratic socialists have used the Executive to obtain proselytes to their much cloak ideals which twist the notion of equality into a infamous artwork of which will surely end all freedom and enslave an entire people. The practices and part-sanctioned media are tools that cannot but excite the detestation of every man of character and dignity.  They currently refuse offers of bi-partisanship to solve after three decades the southern immigration problem, yet refuse to first close the gateway which brings them yet more converts to their destruction of liberty. They simply ask in exchange for their patronage a complete passive obedience and they will shower their needy children with social welfare unlike the world has ever seen. Indeed, why would they come across the isle on immigration reform. They stand to gain 30 million voters.

Without the most humiliating subserviency to their plans, they will fail. However, we saw in 2008 and 2012 the party directed propaganda media outlets know all to well how easy it is to quickly turn a young mind already hormonally receptive to challenging the status quo of common sense. Knowing full well the baseness of the democratic socialist views, they are afraid to trust to the deliberate and unbiased judgment of the public, but depending altogether on deceptions, they take every method to check an investigation of their conduct, and by terror and threat accomplish those purposes, which otherwise would be stifled in embryo. They deceived us on Benghazi, the IRS, NSA, Trayvon Martin, the list can easily number in the hundreds. They have used terror by throwing one innocent man in jail, arming and gearing up several DHS agencies in such a manner as to warn citizens not to resist their "change". And they have refused to properly investigate incidents by having the Attorney General investigate himself and not investigate the IRS, and simply claiming national security issues on the NSA, CIA, and anything else they do not wish divulged.

This is just a flowery picturesque description of a party and Administration, whom have been assiduous in controlling the public mind. They have , for a number of years past, been active in bearing down on those who dared to act or think contrary to their opinion for example the public ridicule of  Joe "The Plumber" from Ohio.  Whom asked and answered legitimate questions of a candidate and was mocked by the candidate at future stops.  Every vile spiteful word has been propagated against characters, whose independence of mind would not suffer themselves to become the dupes of community organizer, whose only claim to fame will be the insolence of their demands and the audacious arrogance with which the prosecuted his personal agenda.

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