Monday, July 8, 2013

Resolutions for a Revolution of Thought

Resolved, The Constitution is a bedrock of our Republic and as a framework for limiting a national government conducive to the welfare, prosperity, and freedom of the people of all the States, shall
not be judicially altered by the United States Supreme Court. 

Resolved, This convention explicitly declares, as the sense of the American people, that after 8 years of failure to restore the Union to economic prosperity by the experiment of socialist constructs, that the federal government has no constitutional authority to enforce health care coverage and penalties
related to said coverage.

Resolved.  After more than a century of disregard for the Constitution and public liberty and private right alike have been trodden down, the national government has no constitutional authority to place regulations restricting
  • due process
  • liberty
  • freedom
  • the right to bear arms to combat tyranny
  • the right to make decisions about one's health
  • the right to discipline one's child in a manner that does not cause permanent damage mentally or physically
  • the right to regulate consumption of alcohol or pharmaceuticals
  • the right to spend in excess of the debt ceiling
  • the right to pass unfunded legislation
Resolved, The use of agencies of the Executive branch or the military on American soil against the people or the attempt to legislate restrictions in clear violation of the Constitution will be held as revolutionary, and resisted with all the means and power under our control. 

Resolved, That the aim and object is to preserve the rights of the States unimpaired; and they hereby declare that they consider that the administrative usurpation of extraordinary and dangerous powers not granted by the Constitution as an insurrection  by the federal government.  The arbitrary military arrest, imprisonment, trial, and sentence of American citizens in States where civil law exists in full force; the suppression of freedom of speech and of the press; the denial of the right of asylum; the open and avowed disregard of State rights; the employment of unusual test oaths; and the interference with and denial of the right of the people to bear arms in their defense; are calculated to prevent a restoration of the Republic and the perpetuation of a government deriving its just powers from the consent of the governed.

Resolved, That the shameful disregard of an administration to its duty in respect to our fellow citizens who are now, and long have been, in a suffering condition, deserves the severest reprobation, on the score alike of public policy and common humanity.

Resolved, That the sympathy of the government and the people is heartily and earnestly extended to the soldiers and sailors of are armed forces, who are and have been in the field and on the sea, under the flag of our country; and they will receive all the care, protection, and regard that the brave soldiers and sailors of the Republic have so nobly earned.

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