Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Media can kiss my Mass

I was browsing through de Tocqueville's Democracy in America and came across some of his ideas on newspapers and democracy.  This is my take on how his postulations would relate to the current state of the media today in America.  Liberals controlling the institutions of media is destroying this country from within.  It is this control that is leading to the rise of socialism and the death of liberty.

After World War II, politics in America had become more partisan and over the years this country has lost the ties that bind us together as a nation.  It is obvious that there exists a gap in ideology and direction that makes any cooperation amongst the great number of conservatives and liberals as along with the middle class, the moderators have dwindled.  It is this change that allowed the rise of state-direct media outlets and the mass persuasion that is the only tool which can manipulate a great number of the citizenry to voluntarily; yet begrudgingly unite efforts for a brief time to achieve specific interests.  This manipulation is continually done by the means of a unite liberal mass media which can produce the same talking points into the thoughts of an entire nation repeatedly.  These outlets do not need direct coordination of a party committee, campaign, or politician.  They are massive liberal leaning organizations who by their own accord report daily a common direction without distracting us from our daily affairs.
Most importantly they serve to shun individualism and make individualist feared.  For example,
the Sandy Hook shooting incident began a long and consistent attack on the 2nd Amendment feeding on the deaths of children by n obviously insane young man.  It is fully understood by many conservatives that guns don't kill people and owning and carrying firearms in fact makes society safer and lowers crime.  However, liberals have always contended that guns are dangerous and have no place in society.  Using the power of the media, they wait until horrible incidents occur and then they
coordinate their message and create temporary fear and hate for the 2nd Amendment using the obvious pain and sympathy we all feel for the victims.  It is just enough influence for them to be able to control the thoughts of the non-political masses and sway them to support limiting 2nd Amendment rights.

Understanding this power, they also have attacked very popular conservative talk radio with legislation meant to provide their unpopular views on equal footing with guaranteed time.  Such as a prosecutor would expect to have a closing argument along with the defense.  The combination of this quick to strike media and a Congress willing to quickly pass legislation that they have not had time to properly read, let alone debate, and you have a dangerous threat to freedom.  Prime examples in recent years have been the Patriot Act and the Brady Bill.

To verify the truth of these claims, one need only to listen to conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh.  Limbaugh will often play news clips where numerous television talk shows use the same key phrase over and over throughout the day and across different networks.  The synergy of their efforts are nothing less than evil and a threat to liberty.  News is no longer reported, it is completely and universally editorialized based on liberal and socialist ideologies.   

Should politicians begin to waiver under protest from their constituency, the media will quickly adjust talking points to attempt to bring them together and maintain enough illusion of a united front to bring the politician into line.           

Over the past century the conglomerates have formed as organizations like NBCUniversal, News Corp Walt Disney, Viacom, Time Warner,Scripps, Gannett, Hearst, Liberty, and NewsCorp have bought us multiple print and broadcast competitors.  In fact, 8 media conglomerates control most media in America.  ( )
Back in 1983 the number of corporations was 50.  (Ben H. Bagdikian, The Media Monopoly, Sixth Edition, (Beacon Press, 2000), pp. xx—xxi)  As the number of outlets for thought and ideas has dwindled, so has the responsiveness of our representatives and more importantly our freedom.


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