Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Obamaphone - TheTruth, Not The Facts

Two weeks ago and then today I was out driving and saw a huge free phone give away complete with fancy wrapped vehicle with logos and a nice shaded umbrella to get out of the sun; along with a least 100 people the first time and about 20 today.  So I snapped a picture with my not so free Verizon phone with horrible camera, thinking I would share the absurdity with the conservative world.
This is up in Akron, Ohio mind you.  Big green and orange tent outside of a Dollar General in the North Hill area , i.e. not so rich part of town.  Not the hood, but just good folk that are lower income.
This is the famous Obamaphone giveaway, aka Federal Lifeline Program managed by the FCC.
The company, or leech depending on viewpoint, is Life Wireless , which according to their website is a "Lifeline supported wireless service provided by TELRITE CORPORATION".  In other words Telrite was able to start a new subsidiary/division solely based on expected government payments from the Lifeline program.  They must be doing very well for themselves.  I wonder what a FOIA would reveal as too how much revenue they bring in annually from the tax payers.
Sadly the FCC created this program and not Obama although I am sure he is providing no lubrication as he bends the tax payer over and really pushes this program hard...I crack myself up.  See that is a sex joke.  Back to the story.  I believe like many programs they start with some relatively good intention and then grow to be a complete clusterfucked black pit of doom where money goes to die and evil lurks.  Ha! I just described Congress.  I'll stop now and go back to my beer. more thing.  Why can't the phone just be an emergency single button call 911 phone?  No paying big money to wireless companies, etc. 
For the real history of this program check out this link to the FCC 

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