Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Independence Day Everyday

As we prepare to celebrate another Independence Day, in our once great Republic, we will be with family and friends reminiscing of good old days when men where not proud to be called metro-sexual and all were proud that their grandpa was part of the greatest generation.  America represents the greatest social experiment in the history of the world.  Greek philosophers could never had dreamt of the scope and influence a future republic would have on the world.  Sadly the founding fathers knew all too well our
experiment was fraught with danger and the possibility for mal-administration and corruption.  In reality we are the last of the republic and as our freedom has been legislated away; so goes with it the hopes of all mankind to takes true liberty and happiness.  Perhaps the greatest generation had enough of fighting after battling evil for so long overseas in places like Bastogne, Guadal Canal, and Korea.  We let our guard down for just a moment, and a moment was long enough, for the true socialists to slip into our bureaucracy. 

They took over the unions and the democratic party.  In two short generations, they know sit at the front of class rooms assimilating our children to socialist ideas as we watch helpless because of the shield provided by their union.  In the republic, the quality of the citizen is of the utmost import to the retentions of freedom and liberty and we have let the infiltration of the teachers union destroy two generations of our children leading them away from the values of this nation's founding and our belief in the Lord of Lords.  The sit in our executive agencies and twist and turn against conservatives going so far in bold fashion to help steal an election in 2012 by using the power of the tax collector to prevent money from funding the opposition. 

We can ill afford the election of representatives guided by extreme social doctrines.  We must embrace the initiative to discourage economic abuse of the majority by a minority rich with socialist ideologues.  We must regain the pride of individualism as the health of  the Republic is dependent on strong minds.  Only by correcting our course may we revive the spirituality of an America founded on strong ethics, the belief in manifest destiny, and the inspiration to dream because of a faith in God and the promised blessings of his divine providence.

We are a nation of strong individualists whose traitors, like this Republic, are blessed gifts from or forefathers.  Americans have a burning drive to be the best at all we attempt.  We do not accept defeat nor go quietly into the night.  We do not recognize that government implements programs better than the free market or can produce better than the individual.  We recognize that the government is our slave and beholden to all our wishes as it is only an entity that exists while we desire it to be so.  We shall never be disarmed and subjected to tyranny.  We will not leave unchecked any expression by any government , foreign or domestic, which seeks to threaten our freedom or liberty, either through a a slippery legislative approach or the frontal attack of a standing army of our own countrymen.  The government of the Republic is considered and will always be considered by the people to be an eminent threat to our freedom, this is how the Founding Fathers intended and through their gift of foresight we have maintained the healthy distrust they encouraged us to develop. To remain strong individuals whom adhere to the responsibilities of the system we inherited, we can assure the immortality of our Republic and prevent the slow systemic poisoning of freedom and liberty destined to put the people in changes as the septic spreads throughout the Republic.

We cannot continue to focus thinking on race, sexuality, or individuals beliefs when it comes to legislating law.  To do so will surely spell destruction.  Legislation of the whole of the Republic must represent what is readily accepted by the majority of the citizens and yet not be offensive to the individual and the protections offered by the Constitution.  It is not enough, for example, to believe life begins at conception while another
believe life begins at quickening.  It is clear that we do not possess divine knowledge and to legislate on that pretense alone is offensive.  When the risk of offending liberty exists, personal beliefs are trumped by the needs of liberty.   The Constitution in no way allows for any power to legislate what a person may do with their body.  Consensu facit legem in an of itself in terms of the Republic's laws is surely a way to proceed
in a timely death of society.Christians understand that our father in heaven is the final arbiter and should not find these ideas disturbing.

In the eyes of God all men are created equal.  This is a Christian tenet that has been twisted by the socialists to forward a false assumption that there exists equality where none exists.  While we should strive to bring about an equality of opportunity to the extent of doing right by our Creator, we cannot strive to provide an equality of wealth because we cannot provide an equality of success.  Social policy based solely on the expectation that redistribution of wealth is an honorable and needed policy of equality is counter to the success of the Republic.  We are equal to enjoy the same freedom, liberty, and ability to pursue our individual happiness.  None among us wish a child to go hungry or the needy to be homeless and we are willing within reason to allow a portion of our success to help the less fortunate and help them, but excessive and wasteful administration of programs should not be tolerated as bureaucracy always attempts to grow itself for the sake of self-perpetuation.

The truth is, we need to strive to elect people that strive to truly represent us and do not shun responsibility for the sake of a career of politics.  Our representatives should only speak for their constituents and not for themselves or special interests. 

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