Friday, July 12, 2013

Paradise Lost: Liberty given away

 Tyranny is not often recognized by most people.  The fact is that most of us are not actively engaged in the day to day politics of the federal government.  At best, most watch the nightly news.  While this has been changing with the advent of the world wide web and social media, tyranny still remains an elusive concept. Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.  To simplify the concept, we can think of tyranny as the discretionary application of federal laws.  Tyranny is dangerous to the entire nation.  Once the government is allowed to apply laws in a tyrannical means it can use the law as a tool to punitively remove the natural rights of man from those whom would oppose it.

Without a vigilante citizenry, the active or passive opposition to policy becomes a very dangerous proposition.  Due diligence must be paid to any and each proposition for law or regulation.  An example of the need for diligence was the introduction of the Patriot Act shortly after 9/11.  A very high majority of Americans supported this act because we were still emotionally distressed over the terrorist attacks and the government seized its opportunity to "never let a crisis go to waste" and quickly passed the legislation.  Many of us warned at the time that giving away a portion of our liberty for the sake of safety was a slippery slope. Benjamin Franklin, over two-hundred years ago, warned "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.".

The consequences of not heeding Mr. Franklin we are just now learning.  The National Security Agency is monitoring phone calls, video calls, text messages, location tracking, and all kinds of mischief.   The IRS used political discretion to purposefully and willingly withhold processing of non-profit application that would increase opposition funding for the next Presidential campaign.  These two incidents alone should have brought 300 million people marching to D.C. demanding the immediate resignation of the entire administration, but yet we blame each other with cries of playing foul and politics all orchestrated by the conglomerate media designed to protect the government.

According to the Media Research Center1, ABC, CBS, and NBC ran a total of 96 stories on the IRS scandal during he first two weeks through May 23rd.  By June 7th that total was down to zero.  Many of those 96 stories were commentaries that deflected and diffused the severity of the issue and made it seems that the Republican Party was being melodramatic.  An administration directly used the power of the government to indirectly influence a political election.  This is felonious and impeachable tyranny at best. The Administration has made a choice to become an enemy of the people, not republicans or democrats, but all the people.  We should all be ashamed for what we are allowing to occur.  Before our eyes with our children as our witnesses, we are placing them into a lifetime of servitude and despotism.

It is not a big leap of faith to take this information as a cornerstone of reasoning to see the information on Benghazi, lies by Holder, Clinton, Obama, and Clapper, policies that eliminate due process for Americans so the government may execute them with drones at their choosing, continued attempts of a century to disarm the people, and so many other usurpations of Constitutional authority.  We are in serious trouble.  We have unleashed a beast that feeds endlessly on its own power; regardless of whom is in command of it.  We have only one recourse of action because the power of the vote is not enough.  We must unite.  It must be entirety of the people that protest and D.C. will quake with fear.  The fact that the people would be so united against tyranny is enough that the fact that the people are armed and would make the largest army the world has ever seen is irrelevant.  This country is about the citizenry, not about the governing.

We have no place to go.  We are the last bastion of freedom on Earth.  Nearly ever country has turned to socialism and reduced the liberty of people back to the time before the American and French revolutions.  I hate to see our paradise lost.


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