Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Open Digital Letter to the Preisident

Mr. President:

I like all Americans know about the National Security Agency and its unconstitutional and warrant-less data gathering on the public with our borders.  However, I do understand the how data mining would need to be done in secrecy, after-all if a terrorist knows your listening, its simple not to speak.  More important of a national security issue is the security of the people against the tyranny of government.  It takes unquestioned precedence and trumps any possible need for massive wide sweeping data collection. 

The secret authorization of broad scoped data interception of Americans is an outrageous betrayal of our core values, and a grave danger to our security. We must do whatever it takes to track down
and stop tyranny and tyrants, but saying you didn't know is not an answer - it is a fundamental part of the problem with your administration's approach.  Breaking your constitutional oath is tyrannical, impeachable, and in my eyes treasonous.  Tyranny is how you breed fear of government, not faith in government.  Tyranny is how you set back America, not how you strengthen it.  If you wonder if your believed to be a Tyrant; well Mr. President look at the sales of guns and ammunition soaring since you took the oath of office and you will know what the people truly believe. 

It's time to tell we told you and your administration that we Americans reject this path without exception or equivocation.  It's time to stop telling the American people one thing in public while doing something else in the shadows.  No more secret authorization of methods like communications intercepts.  Americans need to once again stand up to tyranny that threatens freedom.  We do not accept a government that works in secret to avoid honoring our laws and Constitution.

You Mr. President need to look at everything you promised America about transparency and
about making America better and stop with the non-sense of hate stirring speeches to divide the country.  Trayvon Martin's killing which, although tragic and sad, is inconsequential to the bigger picture.  Yes, Trayvon was black, but that means what Mr. President?  Just means he is American like you and I.  If you were not born in Africa, your just an American.  If you were not born in Ireland, your not Irish-American.  Skin never shows the true color of one's heart.  Until you took office I can't remember the last time I even thought about the color of person's skin.  That is the honest truth. 

I see beyond race in your dog and pony show speech going on about how you could have been Trayvon years ago.    It takes thinking more than one move ahead to win at chess; Mr. President, stop trying to take our firearms, you will never get them without a rebellion.  It simply will not happen. 
Moreover, using the death of a boy and objectification of that tragedy boiled down to a race label is no different than pornography objectifying women. 

Mr. President, your Affordable Healthcare Act, is going to bankrupt this nation and regardless of what it is called; it will have regulations and appeals which will be de facto death panels.  Do you think us so harsh as to not want the sick to have medicine?  Shame on you Mr. President.  What we
don't want is the government to make choices for us - this is not freedom.  What we don't want is government to sit around eating jelly donuts spending millions of dollars making funny videos and having agency conferences in Las Vegas while it says it needs to tax more of our income.  Americans work for their money Mr. President, the government does not.  The government simply takes and by its nature it will want to take more and more.  Pass a debt ceiling and a balanced budget amendment.

And the lies Mr. President. Stop with the lies.  We are not a stupid nation.   We know you were behind the IRS and targeting conservative groups.  Your personality means you have hands on everything.  I applaud your brilliance on the IRS scandal, but it was too much.  Fellation in the oval office would be one thing, but stealing an election is entirely felonious.  That would be a high-crime and not a misdemeanor Mr. President.

Do to the shortness of  this letter, I will not get into other issues such as illegal bailouts, giving money to soon to be bankrupt solar energy firms, targeting coal based energy, bowing to heads of states.  None of this is personal Mr. President.  You seem like a good man that is way over his head.  And don't be afraid to tell everyone your Muslim.  Its like the whole race issue...we just don't care.

I did not vote for you either time, but your still our President.  God bless you and your family.
None of what I wrote should be taken personally.  we simply listen to the Founding Fathers and
do not trust your administration.  We didn't trust Reagan either.  In God We Trust.

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